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All-in-one software

Your hotel should work as smoothly online as it does in person. Whether you need effective, branded design combinations, unlimited photo galleries, or a fully integrated mobile site, it all comes standard with your buuteeq subscription.

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Fully integrated & in-sync mobile site

We understand that a proper investment in mobile is important. Your customers are already there. buuteeq includes a full mobile site with all plans. No extra charges.

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Technology that keeps up with technology

Google and Facebook make hundreds of changes to their platforms every year. Smartphone manufacturers produce more than 10 brands across 8 operating systems worldwide. Keeping up with it all should not be your job. Our expert designers and programmers create information architecture that ensures your site works on the devices, platforms, social media and search engines of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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Book the way you want

Your online visitors want to book on your site. Our software works with multiple options so you can choose whatever booking method works best for you. With buuteeq, you can design your own form, use your own booking engine or use our booking engine with integration into your CRS.

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25 languages y contando

buuteeq provides multi-language support right out of the gate so you can interact better with your online visitors. Added bonus: Google weighs localized pages above others. Your site gets more visibility and activity.

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Manage your marketing in real-time

buuteeq’s BackOffice technology gives you the freedom to create visually rich content, unlimited pages and countless promotions. Simply log in, type, drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste your content exactly where you want it. We don’t charge project management fees and you don’t wait a week. You can access BackOffice any time 24/7.

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When "more traffic" is a good thing

People can’t book what they can’t find. We provide additional paid advertising options to boost traffic to your site while you build your organic search results (SEO). SEO is important for the research stage of travel planning. As your visitors become more familiar with your hotel online, paid advertising can generate quick traffic for seasonal activities and promotional events.

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Insights without headaches

Follow your online guests as they experience your website. buuteeq's 360 Analytics provides data on what matters most for your hotel: who booked what when and how. We also provide benchmarks for your specific hotel segment.

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Turn those facebook “likes” into reservations

buuteeq provides a free Facebook app that enables direct reservations right from within your hotel page. Keep rooms, photos and location information front and center. Positive reviews are an important part of being on Facebook but now you can get more out of these compliments than just a pat on the back. (Interested? Sign up here.)

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Secret sauce: customer success

We are proud to represent such a global, eclectic customer family: over 5000+ hotels worldwide with 95% customer satisfaction. Our dedicated customer success team ensures we provide the best possible support so we can continue on our mission of connecting every hotel directly with their guests.

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