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What is buuteeq?

buuteeq is a solution for independent hotels that allows you to produce outstanding looking and performing digital marketing materials that are much more affordable and easier to manage and maintain than anything that could be provided at similar cost by hiring a local web agency or designer/developer team. The materials produced by buuteeq work on the web, mobile phones, and in social networks including Facebook, and match the depth of features and functionality of what the big hotel chains churn out with their dedicated IT and designer/developer teams. In essence, you and your hotel get much better digital marketing, that you can DIY ("do it yourself") manage and edit, which will transform the experience of your guests as they find, interact, and book a room for their stay with you.

Who are the founders of buuteeq?

buuteeq's founders most recently worked at Microsoft Corp where they led technology platform business groups that served the IT, design, and development needs of global companies large and small. They left Microsoft to found buuteeq inc. and build an amazing service to help independent hotels better market themselves and attract and delight travellers seeking the boutique experience something unique, unexpected, and worth finding amidst the many hotel options that exist for today's traveller anywhere in the world. Their collective previous professional experience includes roles at product and service companies from a wide range of industries including Sony, Macromedia, DHL, and George Lucas famed visual effects production company Industrial Light & Magic.

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Where is buuteeq based?

Team buuteeq is a global team with offices in Seattle Washington and Palo Alto California in the USA, and customer care and engineering teams in both Beijing China and Santiago Chile that attend to our hotel customers in multiple languages and timezones.

What kind of hotels are buuteeq customers?

buuteeq is for independent hotels that want to offer great digital marketing materials to their prospective guests in order to woo them into making reservations and becoming customers. Our hotel customers range from large to small room inventories, expensive to budget minded prices, and from luxurious to Spartan services.

What stage is buuteeq in its product development?

buuteeq's product is now live and being used by hotels all over the world. The system was in ?beta? form (techie speak for "not yet ready for the thousands of hotels that will soon be using our service, but good enough for the first batch of customers who are giving us detailed feedback and making the system ready for primetime!") from March to December of 2010, and the system was launched formally on January 18th of 2011 with over 40 hotels using the system in over 10 countries around the world.

Is buuteeq another sales channel or aggregator that I pay

a commission to in order to promote my hotel?

No. buuteeq is NOT a commission based website that tries to aggregate traveler's searches for hotels in your area. Instead, buuteeq is a solution that you use and manage yourself to create materials that are branded exclusively with your hotel's name, logo, and color scheme/look-and-feel. With buuteeq your hotel can build its brand awareness and credibility so that when customers evaluate your property they come away impressed and with all the information they need to make a purchase decision, whether with you directly or via an existing channel partner (such as online travel agencies or agents) with whom your hotel already has a relationship.

I am a hotel & am interested in learning more about buuteeq.

Sign up today to get started right away. You can test the system and see the results in a preview area, without making any changes to your existing hotel website or online marketing. Then, when you are ready, you can activate the system and your new website and marketing content for Facebook and mobile phones will automatically go live. You can also direct all product and sales related inquiries to our sales team at sales@buuteeq.com.

I am a web designer and I am interested in learning how I can work with the buuteeq system to attend to my hotel customers.

Many hotels have trusted relationships with their designers or web agency, and would like to explore how together buuteeq and their agency can work together to improve their hotel's digital marketing. buuteeq is developing partnership programs to make it easy and mutually beneficial for designers to partner with buuteeq to serve hotels. If you would like to learn more or have a suggestion of how buuteeq could work with you, please email info@buuteeq.com.

I am interested in speaking with someone at buuteeq inc. regarding partnering or business development collaboration.

Please email inquiries to info@buuteeq.com.