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On March 15th 2012, hotels and inns listed as ‘public accommodations and commercial facilities’ were expected by the U.S. government to conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act 2010 Standards for Accessible Design (ADA). These expectations extend to both large hotel chains and franchises as well as to smaller inns and bed & breakfasts. To read the requirements for your property type, check out the government’s official handbook which it published here:

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design – For Public Accommodations

The handbook is thick. I’ll provide a quick summary, but please read the document yourself to know exactly what you need to do for your property before taking any action. Some of the requirements include:

  • Making publicly accessible portions of private dwellings (B&Bs) ADA compliant.
  • Make all lobbies, hallways and other large rooms accessible by Americans with disabilities (including ramps, larger doors and so on).
  • Offer some rooms that are ADA compliant, with special attention paid to bathrooms.

The government also requires that innkeepers and hoteliers communicate the steps taken on their marketing materials, including their website. Our customers can simply log into BackOffice and make all of these changes quickly and easily across all your marketing materials. The information you’re required to post about your ADA compliance includes:

  • Any ADA amenities and services you provide (accessible entrances, wheelchair accessible rooms, and so on). This can be an article page that lists everything you’ve done to become ADA compliant.
  • Every room listing and description must have detailed information about how it is ADA compliant, including:
    • The type of room it is
    • The number and size of beds it has
    • The type of bathing facility it has–shower or bath, handrails, roll-in shower, etc.
    • Room communication features (phone, intercom, hands free devices, etc.)
    • The handbook also says that these changes must be communicated on your booking engine, as well as your website.

Log in to the BackOffice to update your marketing materials to notify your guests of these changes, and please read the handbook itself for complete information.

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