buuteeq LOVES TINYpulse

TINYpulse has improved communication significantly among buuteeq employees and we are proud to say: buuteeq loves TINYpulse!  TINYpulse is a tiny but powerful survey that arrives once a week to the inboxes of buuteeq employees.  buuteeqers can express their satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, at work and can give feedback about the company, all the while remaining anonymous.  According to TINYpulse creator, David Niu, “The goal of TINYpulse is to give leaders a pulse on how happy, burnt out, and frustrated their employees are so that they can build bridges to spark dialogue for positive change. Our mission at TINYpulse is to make employees happier. We believe when that happens- retention, customer service, and engagement all improve.”

Every week, buuteeq employees respond anonymously to a TINYpulse one-question survey that arrives to their inbox.  Each employee receives a unique link and their response is delivered to the TINYpulse system to which only the admin (the boss) has access.  Names and email addresses of respondees are not included ensuring complete anonymity.  TINYpulse questions are meant to gauge happiness levels, or unhappiness levels, of employees.  Examples of some questions include: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you at work?”; “On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you refer someone to work here?”; “If you had to describe your company as an animal, what animal would it be and why?”  As one can imagine, this creates an opportunity for some very valuable insight about employees to be uncovered; information that has the ability to change the culture of a company but would likely not be volunteered willingly by employees.  The results of these surveys have contributed to a number of improvements in the buuteeq office such as better equipment and work space to enhance sound quality for our sales team, subsidized ORCA cards for employees who use public transportation to commute to work, and more company-sponsored opportunities for buuteeq employees to visit cool hotels and speak with hospitality professionals.  TINYpulse has had a direct impact on the workplace joy and professional enrichment of buuteeq employees.

In addition to the single question survey, employees can also give cheers to their peers and submit suggestions through TINYpulse.  When giving cheers to a fellow co-worker, employees have the option of being named or to give cheers anonymously.  The cheers feature has been a huge morale booster in the buuteeq office.  Every Friday afternoon, as the final action item the day, buuteeqers gather around and read TINYpulse cheers aloud.  It’s an inspiring way for employees to enter their weekend after a full, productive week knowing how valued they are in the company and how much a fellow co-worker has appreciated their contributions.

TINYpulse also allows employees to offer any suggestions they want.  The suggestions section of TINYpulse is where some of the most fascinating and valuable information regarding employee satisfaction lies.  For many employees, it’s difficult to express when they are experiencing problems at work.  They may feel embarrassed to be so candid or, they fear being perceived as a whiner if they criticize something about work.  The problem is that this difficult to access information is exactly what managers need to know in order to give their employees a great work experience and to motivate them to produce their highest quality of work for as long as possible. TINYpulse has had a HUGE impact on how the employees of buuteeq communicate with one another, handle sensitive matters and maintain a strong company culture in an ever-changing industry and world.

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