• A Tale Of Two Types Of Website Content

    COntent should be 2,000 words long.

    Not all website content is created equal (at least, not where SEO is concerned). I like to make a distinction between two types of website content: converting content and ranking content. Converting Content Converting content is not optimized for search engines. Instead, converting content is designed to convince your guests to book a room. Instead […]

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  • Roberto’s Trotamundo – Little Hotel of Dreams in Sayulita

    Arturo and Maribel - Team Hotelitos Marketing - This is after 2 hour training of the back office, improving bounce rate on mobile traffic.

    Sayulita Mexico, a place where the waves are always breaking and the influx of North American travelers is endless.  This quaint yet vibrant beach town has been a destination for a relaxing and authentic Mexican experiences for the last 20+ years.  We chose to come here because of all the stories from friends and colleagues […]

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  • The Biggest Guest Generator You’re Not Using

    An image of YouTube for hotels in Bayhill, California.

    When hoteliers talk social media strategy, they often gloss over YouTube, in favor of the usual suspects—Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. But the numbers don’t lie; YouTube is a powerful social network for sending new guests to your hotel. Find out why in this article I wrote for hotelexecutive.com. Read the full article.

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  • Digital Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard


    We get it. As a modern-day innkeeper you’ve got a lot on your plate! Where the heck do you start when it comes to getting your site shipshape for 2014? We’ve identified the key marketing tactics of our most successful innkeepers to share with you! In this hour-long webinar, we’ll let you in on their […]

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  • Who’s The World’s Largest Travel Site? Expedia or TripAdvisor?


    Apparently, “world’s largest” is a hotly disputed title. For instance, four different balls of twine claim to be the largest on the globe. Three of these suckers must be lying, right?  Not exactly. It turns out that some folks practice a more, shall we say, fluid definition of largest. So next time you talk twine, […]

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  • 3 Keys To Creating Highly Clickable CTAs


    If you like telling people what to do, you’ll love writing CTAs. What’s a CTA? Calls to action are phrases that compel readers to respond to an offer. You’ll find them all over the web, in emails, blog posts, and especially online ads. You probably encounter several CTAs each day without even realizing it: Sign […]

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  • Measuring Page Speed Can Be Unreliable

    Measuring page speed.

    A fast-loading website can make the difference between a guest who books with you, and a guest who books somewhere else. When guests visit your website, they decide to stay or leave in a matter of seconds. If your site content loads slowly, guests are likely to click “back” to the search results. Google also […]

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  • How To Write Standout Subject Lines


    Each day I wake up to another email marketing orgy in my inbox. While I was sleeping, 79 new emails found their way into there. And it’s a mess. Urban Dictionary word of the day all up against forwards from grandma?  World Market Explorer coupon betwixt BBC America alerts and Groupon’s toenail fungus removal offer? […]

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  • Hotel Mobile Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Which of these steps is your site missing? Think you’re hotel’s mobile website is fully optimized? Think again: Many designers overlook vital steps that encourage mobile success. As smartphone use continues to rise, hoteliers who fail to implement a comprehensive mobile strategy will miss out on new guests. What does it take to build a mobile optimized website for your hotel? It may […]

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  • Tell Your Hotel’s Unique Story


    Now that you’ve identified your audience, attracting and keeping them starts with telling your story like no one else can.  Visitors are looking for an authentic experience they’ll remember forever, so show them what’s unique about your property! Include an “our story” section on your website. Then? Dive into the marrow … Are you located […]

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