• A Tale Of Two Types Of Website Content

    COntent should be 2,000 words long.

    Not all website content is created equal (at least, not where SEO is concerned). I like to make a distinction between two types of website content: converting content and ranking content. Converting Content Converting content is not optimized for search engines. Instead, converting content is designed to convince your guests to book a room. Instead […]

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  • Your Hotel Schema Questions Answered

    Hotel plans, used to represent hotel schema.

    First off, schema markup is much less complicated than it sounds.  Schema markup is a set of HTML tags known as “schemas” that you can add to your web pages to give search engines a better idea of what each page is presenting. Schema presents information to search engines in a structured, uniform way, so that […]

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  • Technology Is Your Friend. Yes, Really!

    A chart from RezOvation's 2014 PAII presentation shows how expanding your digital footprint leads to more bookings.

    Although it doesn’t feel like it when the printer flashes “PC load letter,” technology actually wants to be pals with you. Checking back in with our PAII 2014 learnings, this week we’re revisiting some of the conversations around technology we heard at the conference last month. We think Yvonne Halling, owner of said it […]

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  • Hotels on Google Maps Hijacked


    Bad news, everybody. It appears that Google Maps was recently hijacked by a company targeting hotel listings. This company managed to gain access to many hotel listings on Google+ Local, and change their website URL to point back to sites they control. This sent prospective guests to poorly designed and “scammy” looking websites that collected […]

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  • SEM and SEO for Hotels – A Comparison


    Most hotel marketers are familiar with SEO (which stands for ‘search engine optimization’; if you’re not familiar, check out our free comprehensive eBook on the subject), but fewer are familiar with SEM (search engine marketing), and some get confused between the two. I’m going to take a moment to paint a narrative with broad strokes, […]

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  • Washington Bed & Breakfast Guild – Google Presentation


    I had the pleasure to attend the Washington Bed & Breakfast Guild’s  (WBBG) conference yesterday, where I gave a presentation about Google’s changes in 2013, and what bed and breakfasts need to know to take full advantage. The WBBG recorded the presentation and will have it up on their website for members in a few […]

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  • OTAs Increasingly Bid on Hotel Trademarks

    As you can see, hotel brands own greater SERP coverage on Google mobile, and then on Google Search.

    BrandVerity recently released a study evaluating the paid search activity of online travel agencies (OTAs) and big hotel name brands. The results were revealing: OTAs frequently bid on hotel brand names, and these ads appear multiple times for each search engine result page (SERP). BrandVerity collected data from over 100,000 unique SEM ads, targeting over […]

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  • Hummingbird for Hotels – Google’s Latest Update


    Ahh! Another Google algorithm update! Head for the hills! Before we all pack our bags, grab candles, and head for the hills, let’s go over what Google’s latest algorithm update Hummingbird does. Website owners have good reason to be scared of a new algorithm update (unless you’re a buuteeq customer as we demonstrated with Penguin […]

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  • How to Check Your Backlinks


    When talking about SEO, invariably the first buzzword we come to is “backlinks”. Everyone knows that, for the moment, backlinks are the best indicator that a website will rank well. The more backlinks your website has, as a general rule, the higher it will rank. But how can you tell how many backlinks your website […]

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  • Webmaster Tools Update – Manual Penalty Alerts

    A photo of a manual penalty within Webmaster Tools.

    Today, Google released a new (welcome) feature to their free Webmaster Tools (if you haven’t set this up for your hotel website yet, I urge you to. Follow my guide here). Webmaster Tools (WMT) will now give you an explicit notice if they manually penalize your website for manipulating search results with webspam. This is […]

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