Best Practices For Property Website Video


Web visuals are becoming more and more complex. Interactive Street View maps, 3D graphics and, of course, videos galore. But online videos aren’t just for cat aficionados and GoPro showoffs. Video has also become a central eCommerce tool. Often, the online descriptions of everyday items such as shoes and tennis racquets are accompanied by short videos that highlight […]

Pumpkin Spice Overkill: Holiday Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

holiday hotel marketing

In an affront to gourds everywhere, this year my local chain coffee shop started steaming up Pumpkin Spice Lattes on a balmy August 27th. I remember when pumpkins were respected harbingers of autumn; humble gateway gourds to more exotic seasonal delights. These days, Cucurbita maxima is pimped out a solid three weeks before the equinox. Misplaced […]

Hey, What’s Your Hotel’s Story?

Ladder and apple tree

If you pay close attention to your inner-voice, you’ll soon learn that to really know someone or something, you need to know their story. You’re probably wondering, what does your story have to do with digital marketing? The answer is, everything. Too often we see properties with little to no information on how their property […]

Bounce, View, Visit: A Quick n’ Dirty Guide To Website Traffic Terms

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There is a learning curve to understanding similar-sounding Internet terms, but even knowing the basics can go a long way towards understanding your web analytics and making educated decisions. We hope that this quick introduction will help you better understand the basics so that you know how to talk about your website’s performance even if […]

How To Manage Millennials In The Workplace

Millennials_at_work 1

How will you know when the Millennials have finally taken over your office? The disappearance of all paper whatsoever?  Casual Fridays every day?  The widespread acceptance of “Hey dude” as a boss-appropriate email salutation? It could be all of the above by 2020. That’s when 80 million Millennials will comprise 40 percent of the total […]

How To Write Standout Subject Lines


Each day I wake up to another email marketing orgy in my inbox. While I was sleeping, 79 new emails found their way into there. And it’s a mess. Urban Dictionary word of the day all up against forwards from grandma?  World Market Explorer coupon betwixt BBC America alerts and Groupon’s toenail fungus removal offer? […]

Your Hotel Schema Questions Answered

Hotel plans, used to represent hotel schema.

First off, schema markup is much less complicated than it sounds.  Schema markup is a set of HTML tags known as “schemas” that you can add to your web pages to give search engines a better idea of what each page is presenting. Schema presents information to search engines in a structured, uniform way, so that […]