• What Guests Really Want From Your Hotel Website

    Dean Desilet mans the buuteeq booth at CABBI conference 2014.

    What makes the difference between booking and bouncing for visitors to your hotel website? Well, once they’ve found your site and are impressed enough with the homepage to stick around (by the way, this decision takes most people only four seconds!), the first thing guests want to understand is where they’ll be sleeping. From there, […]

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  • Last-Minute Millennials Drive Mobile Bookings


    It’s not that we don’t have it together. We Millennials love having it all together. Preferably on tiny, slippery smartphones completely covered in drop-wounds. So why are 18- to 34-year-olds known for last-minute booking? The answer is also a question: Which type of Millennial traveler are you talking about, business or leisure? Millennial business travelers […]

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  • Should Your Hotel Have An App?


    These days, it seems like everybody and their mom has an app. Should your business have one too? The truth is, your efforts may be better spent elsewhere. Find out why in this article I wrote for fellow hotel-marketing thought leaders, You can read it here. Excerpt: Apps are cool. With an app, I can […]

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  • Holiday Hype & Hospitality

    Holiday Promotions

    There’s always hype around the holidays when it comes to retail, but what about the buzz around travel and hospitality this time of year? That’s what gets us in the spirit here at buuteeq. With all of the research done and surveys taken on holiday consumerism, we decided to interpret what the heck all these […]

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  • Your hotel website may be broken on tablets


    From time to time, I’ll write for other websites that provide quality, thought-leadership about hotel marketing. Today I wrote for, and you can read it here. Excerpt At this point in 2013, I don’t need to convince anyone that tablets are a crucial marketing channel for hotels. This year we learned that 40% of tablet users […]

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  • 75% of revenue in 25% of the time: Marquis de Lafayette shines with buuteeq’s Cloud DMS

    after marquis

    Here at buuteeq, we pride ourselves on our close relationship with our customers. The properties we work with often reach out by name to our Account Executives and Digital Marketing Consultants. So it came as no surprise to us when our very own Seb Deak (Sales Executive extraordinaire) forwarded a note from Peggy Evans at […]

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  • Facebook Local Business Pages – A New Design


    Yesterday, Facebook updated the way business pages look in their mobile app. The update makes Facebook business pages look like they do on Facebook Nearby–Facebook’s local business search engine, which I covered in a previous article. The changes are significant. In the image below, you can see the old format and the new format side-by-side. As you […]

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  • Hotel Marketing Trends 2013 – EyeforTravel San Francisco


    I just recently got back from EyeforTravel’s Social Media & Mobile Strategies conference in San Francisco last week, armed with all sorts of good insights for hotel marketers. I’ll break this down by subject so you know what to expect in 2013 by topic. You can explore a raw feed of great stats that were […]

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  • Smartphone Hotel Reservations 2013


    Add this image to your site: Hotel Marketing by buuteeq Transcript: THE MOBILE REVOLUTION Digital marketing is constantly evolving as new channels emerge. Mobile marketing is the latest example, giving hoteliers an excellent opportunity to reach new tech-savvy guests. Today, globally, there are 1080 million smartphones. The Smartphone Marketplace 4 in 10 people make online […]

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  • Last minute bookings: just a fad or here to stay?

    Last Minute Booking

    For the past year, there has been a lot of talk suggesting that last minute bookings have been on the rise, but little information as to exactly how much they have increased by. The truth is no single source has access to the booking information for every hotel, inn and B&B, so no one can […]

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