Your Bookers May Be Pantless …

  Or otherwise indisposed. Why?  Because most of the mobile audience is chillaxing at home when they research travel. Fuzzy slippers, rollers, eating marshmallow fluff straight out of the jar … You know how it goes. This is because travel shopping is a “lean-back” activity, says eMarketer. The mobile travel audience overwhelmingly researches and books in […]

Hotel Mobile Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

Which of these steps is your site missing? Think you’re hotel’s mobile website is fully optimized? Think again: Many designers overlook vital steps that encourage mobile success. As smartphone use continues to rise, hoteliers who fail to implement a comprehensive mobile strategy will miss out on new guests. What does it take to build a mobile optimized website for your hotel? It may […]

What Guests Really Want From Your Hotel Website

Dean Desilet mans the buuteeq booth at CABBI conference 2014.

What makes the difference between booking and bouncing for visitors to your hotel website? Well, once they’ve found your site and are impressed enough with the homepage to stick around (by the way, this decision takes most people only four seconds!), the first thing guests want to understand is where they’ll be sleeping. From there, […]

Last-Minute Millennials Drive Mobile Bookings


It’s not that we don’t have it together. We Millennials love having it all together. Preferably on tiny, slippery smartphones completely covered in drop-wounds. So why are 18- to 34-year-olds known for last-minute booking? The answer is also a question: Which type of Millennial traveler are you talking about, business or leisure? Millennial business travelers […]

A Millennial Rants on ‘Janky’ Hotel Websites

A Millennial Rants on ‘Janky’ Hotel Websites

This uninhibited account of what Millennials expect from hotels is just a taste of the unique preferences shared by 79 million Americans, ages 18-34. Already the world’s top leisure travelers, Millennials will also dominate business travel by 2020. Want more information on these influential new guests? Download our free eBook, Why U Trippin’? Time to […]

Should Your Hotel Have An App?


These days, it seems like everybody and their mom has an app. Should your business have one too? The truth is, your efforts may be better spent elsewhere. Find out why in this article I wrote for fellow hotel-marketing thought leaders, You can read it here. Excerpt: Apps are cool. With an app, I can […]