Huzzah! Our First Castle Goes Live

Purschenstein Castle

We get so excited about every new property that goes live on our platform, we literally get up out of our chairs and start clapping. They are all incredibly special to us. However, there are a few properties that simply blow us away. Castle Hotel Purschenstein is one of those.  Why you might ask? Maybe you missed […]

TripAdvisor Application for Facebook

Hotel pool

TripAdvisor is a big part of the booking process for guests, and now your guests can leave a review directly on Facebook without visiting the main TripAdvisor site, thanks to the new TripAdvisor Facebook app! Can you say convenient? That is, convenient if you have a TripAdvisor business listing. Facebook is a huge part of […]

Get In The Know About 2014 Hotel Industry Trends


Have we told you recently how much we love data? We’re kind of obsessed. But not in a Howard-Hughes-obsessed-with-germs-wearing-Kleenex-boxes-on-our-feet sort of way. We’re obsessed in a good way—in a get stuff done, make informed decisions sort of way. We recently surveyed hundreds of travelers in addition to scouring our platform’s anonymous customer data. We obsessively analyzed […]

Lauren and Mark’s Crazy High ROI In La Jolla


La Valencia, a historic San Diego hotel that first opened its doors in 1926, was under the same ownership for 65 years until they finally sold the hotel three years ago. Since then, Mark Dibella has been in charge of renovation and repositioning at the hotel, while Lauren Laddusaw has been in charge of renovating the hotel’s online presence for about a year. About the time La Valencia brought Lauren on as Marketing Manager, they faced challenges on two fronts–they needed to update their outdated website at the same time as they were changing their room types at the property level. It was a perfect storm, and they needed a new website to navigate it.

SaaS And The Wheels Of The Sharing Economy


You can buy a bike made out of solid gold with an alligator-hide seat and a stingray-skin water bottle. Yup. It’s a real thing, sold by the House of Solid Gold, a company in California which sells everyday items made out of gold. This bad boy will run you a cool Million. Even purchasing a […]

Hey, What’s Your Hotel’s Story?

Ladder and apple tree

If you pay close attention to your inner-voice, you’ll soon learn that to really know someone or something, you need to know their story. You’re probably wondering, what does your story have to do with digital marketing? The answer is, everything. Too often we see properties with little to no information on how their property […]

Doug Nails Guest Experience, Boosts Orlando Resort Bookings


Hospitality industry veteran, Doug Smith of the Holiday Inn Orlando Lake Buena Vista, first came to Orlando in 1977 and has been working with hotels in some fashion ever since, usually in legacy sales roles. Doug has seen it all in terms of e-commerce for hotel and has had his finger on the pulse of the of the online hotel industry since it began. From his vast experience, Doug knows the holy grail of digital marketing success for hotels: Get your website visitors to convert with your hotel instead of the competition.