The Need For Speed Grows… FAST


Nobody likes waiting, but in this digital world, you would be surprised at how impatient people really are. A new PhoCusWright study revealed that a shocking 43% of online travel and lodging shoppers will abandon a site after 3 seconds of waiting and 20% will open another travel site in a new window. You’re not [...]

Bounce, View, Visit: A Quick n’ Dirty Guide To Website Traffic Terms

web analytics 1

There is a learning curve to understanding similar-sounding Internet terms, but even knowing the basics can go a long way towards understanding your web analytics and making educated decisions. We hope that this quick introduction will help you better understand the basics so that you know how to talk about your website’s performance even if [...]

7 Ways To Pad Your Shoulder Season

Arnold Palmer

The ’80s and ’90s are back! Fahrenheit, that is. Many of your guests are hiding from the heat, which isn’t exactly your fault. You’re in a location that suffers from summertime stickiness, so why not blame humidity, right? Right. Well, kind of. If you had targeted your articles, promotions, and POIs to those that like [...]

How Online Guest Experience Improves ROI


In the virtual world, just as in the real world, accessibility matters. How people find and interact with your property’s website can make all the difference. More specifically, your website’s channel management and booking engine can improve guest experience before your customers even set foot in the lobby. First off, your website needs to be [...]

Experience-Seeking Millennials Now Top Travel Spenders


Who’s living in a material world?  Not Millennials. According to a new MMGY Global study, the 18-to-35-year-olds known for valuing experiences over things are expected to spend incrementally more on travel than any other generation over the next 12 months. Get the full scoop on Tnooz, and to learn about Millennials’ unique travel habits, download [...]

SEO Tiki-Taka


The World Cup starts in just a few days and here in the good old U-S-of-A the buzz is palpable. Everyone’s dusting off their trusty vuvuzelas, wondering how it’s already been four years since we last heard the instrument’s sweet, sweet music. What? The vuvuzela’s out? Well then, everyone from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, [...]