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  • The Biggest Guest Generator You’re Not Using

    An image of YouTube for hotels in Bayhill, California.

    When hoteliers talk social media strategy, they often gloss over YouTube, in favor of the usual suspects—Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. But the numbers don’t lie; YouTube is a powerful social network for sending new guests to your hotel. Find out why in this article I wrote for Read the full article.

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  • Through the Looking Glass: TripAdvisor Makes Woman a Tourist Attraction


    They say that in the future, everyone will be a tourist attraction for 15 minutes. For Glasgow’s Mary Johnston, the future happened last week when she unwittingly became her city’s 87th most popular attraction on TripAdvisor. No offense but from the looks of her, Johnston hardly seems on par with Big Ben, the Cristo Redentor, […]

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  • PAII Conference 2014: Top Takeaways

    14 - 2

    It seems like it was only yesterday that we were soaking up the sunny rays and innkeeper camaraderie of beautiful Charleston, South Carolina! Three of us from buuteeq were lucky enough to experience the insights and enthusiasm of veteran and aspiring innkeepers alike at this year’s PAII conference. There was so much learning to be […]

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  • Your Hotel and Place Pins on Pinterest


    From time to time, I’ll write for other websites that provide quality, thought-leadership about hotel marketing. Today I wrote for, and you can read it here. Excerpt Pinterest recently updated their social network with Place Pins, which add a new layer of rich interactivity to location-based pins. Historically, Pinterest has been a great place to […]

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  • Tips for Responding to Online Reviews: Part 1


    Online reviews are the most influential source of information for people booking leisure travel, with 93% of travelers reporting online reviews impact their booking decisions.* With the average traveler considering seven properties during the booking process, guests are won and lost each day because of what others are saying about you. With so many online […]

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  • SEM and SEO for Hotels – A Comparison


    Most hotel marketers are familiar with SEO (which stands for ‘search engine optimization’; if you’re not familiar, check out our free comprehensive eBook on the subject), but fewer are familiar with SEM (search engine marketing), and some get confused between the two. I’m going to take a moment to paint a narrative with broad strokes, […]

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  • Washington Bed & Breakfast Guild – Google Presentation


    I had the pleasure to attend the Washington Bed & Breakfast Guild’s  (WBBG) conference yesterday, where I gave a presentation about Google’s changes in 2013, and what bed and breakfasts need to know to take full advantage. The WBBG recorded the presentation and will have it up on their website for members in a few […]

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  • Turning guest popularity into currency

    The lobby of 1888 Hotel, Sydney Australia

    I recently came across an article in The Week about the world’s first Instagram Hotel: 1888 Hotel.  The property underwent significant renovations in the last two years, ending up with an ingenious (methinks) idea to capitalize on their new looks. Nearly every aspect of the interior décor offers up inspiration for Instagrammers to take and […]

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  • Want to Rank Higher? Get More Google +1s

    A screen grab of the Netmark study results.

    Social media has long been rumored to be the next big driver of search engine relevance, eventually replacing backlinks. While we’re not there yet, for the first time, SEOs have discovered strong correlations between the number and diversity of social votes, and better search engine rankings. In short, websites with more “likes”, “tweets”, and “+1s” […]

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  • Major SEO Changes in 2013

    An image about major SEO changes in 2013 for hotels.

    In this hour-long webinar, we explored each of the major ways SEO has changed in 2013, based on the findings of three industry reports. I included tips to adapt your on-page SEO to take full advantage of recent changes, while staying safely away from aggressive techniques that might harm your SEO. At the end, I held a Q&A session and answered many SEO related questions. […]

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