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  • Roberto’s Trotamundo – Little Hotel of Dreams in Sayulita

    Arturo and Maribel - Team Hotelitos Marketing - This is after 2 hour training of the back office, improving bounce rate on mobile traffic.

    Sayulita Mexico, a place where the waves are always breaking and the influx of North American travelers is endless.  This quaint yet vibrant beach town has been a destination for a relaxing and authentic Mexican experiences for the last 20+ years.  We chose to come here because of all the stories from friends and colleagues […]

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  • buuteeq + TripConnect: More distribution, less headache.


    buuteeq is excited to announce its integration with TripConnect, a self-service platform that allows TripAdvisor Business Listings subscribers to participate in Hotel Price Comparison. This integration will help drive direct bookings from TripAdvisor to your property’s website. TripConnect, paired with buuteeq’s commision-free booking engine, is our latest solution to helping properties acquire new, low cost […]

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  • Blemished Fruit: Tales from the Produce and Landscape Department

    Spotty Banana 2013 Finals

    Had you wandered into buuteeq’s Seattle headquarters last week or last July, you might have witnessed what buuteeqers call “Spotty Banana.” Spotty what? Exactly. It’s hard to describe, but has a great deal to do with the Produce Department and sadly, the Landscape Department. I’ll explain later. What’s most important for you to know is […]

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  • A Tradition Is Born: buuteeq’s First Hackathon

    Features being born!

    Let me set the scene for you: A late evening, a stuffy room, free flowing beer, red bull, and junk food. A high-energy group of product managers, designers, and engineers bustle about whiteboards and computers solving problems at light speed … This is a hackathon. Hackathons originated sometime during the mid-2000s, and were made popular […]

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  • Patricia’s Trotamundo – Altun Ha Ruins


    A great benefit of working at buuteeq is not only being encouraged to travel, but being provided with the financial means to do so. buuteeq’s travel program, called Trotamundo, allows full time employees to take one trip a year to experience a different culture and meet with hotel owners and operators around the world. This […]

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  • Eric’s Trotamundo to Taiwan: Diversity Defined

    Taipei 101 from a department store just besides W Hotel Taipei

    Taiwan, or Formosa as the Spanish once called it, is a beautiful island located in the Pacific Ocean, just east of China, and is always a gateway for west to meet China or Chinese to explore oceans. Taiwanese culture is a typical melting pot of many different cultures including Chinese, European, Japanese, Aboriginal, South East […]

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  • Kristen’s Trotamundo to Nepal: Pokhara

    City center of Pokhara

    In my first post I talked about the first leg of my trip which was the mountain trek. For the second leg of my Trotamundo, I spent a week exploring Nepal’s second-largest city, Pokhara, and talking to hoteliers. Hospitable Roots Nepal is a small country that is located in Asia, with India to its south […]

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  • Kristen’s Trotamundo to Nepal: Teahouse Trek

    Kristen starting the trek in Nayapul, Nepal

    Ever since I joined buuteeq two years ago I’ve been listening to the inspiring stories of my co-worker’s Trotamundo world travels. This year I was finally able to seize the moment and go on a Trotamundo of my own — an annual employee benefit where one can travel anywhere in the world to learn more […]

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  • A 2013 Website From 2011

    bacon mansion

    The Bacon Mansion, one of the most popular B&Bs in Seattle, has a storied history. Originally the home of the Bacon family, early patrons of the iron and lumber industries, it served as a co-op during the heydey of the 60s and 70s. In 1993, Daryl King purchased the mansion and has painstakingly rebuilt it […]

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  • Surfing to the Quality Inn Midtown: easy as riding the MTA

    quality inn

    Scott Gericke’s team bought the Comfort Inn in Midtown Manhattan in 2009. It was the perfect location to see and do it all in New York City. The hotel offered an unbeatable location with affordable accommodations, top-of-the-line amenities and easy access to major business, transportation and tourist attractions around town. In February 2013, Scott converted […]

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