Hotel Mobile Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

Which of these steps is your site missing? Think you’re hotel’s mobile website is fully optimized? Think again: Many designers overlook vital steps that encourage mobile success. As smartphone use continues to rise, hoteliers who fail to implement a comprehensive mobile strategy will miss out on new guests. What does it take to build a mobile optimized website for your hotel? It may […]

buuteeq Websites: The Picture of Success

hotel performance infographic

The Hotel Performance Monitor is an annual report released by buuteeq, the world’s leading digital marketing system for hotels.  It gives in-depth insight into property-level website performance and online guest behavior.  The 2013 report is collated using information gathered from analyzing over 5000+ properties worldwide. Click on image to enlarge.

SEO vs. SEM – An Infographic


There are a slew of acronyms in the world, and sometimes it’s not clear what they mean. Today we tackle SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) to explain the differences and weigh the costs and benefits. Many thanks to the fine folks at Killer Infographics, who helped us produce it. Click on the image for a larger view. […]