Team Spotlight

  • A Tradition Is Born: buuteeq’s First Hackathon

    Features being born!

    Let me set the scene for you: A late evening, a stuffy room, free flowing beer, red bull, and junk food. A high-energy group of product managers, designers, and engineers bustle about whiteboards and computers solving problems at light speed … This is a hackathon. Hackathons originated sometime during the mid-2000s, and were made popular […]

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  • buuteeq Loves Haiku Deck!

    Haiku Deck slide

    buuteeq recently had the pleasure of hosting some folks from Haiku Deck, a free iPad app, in our Seattle HQ. The Haiku Deck mission — to create simple, beautiful, and fun presentations – was actually a “lightbulb moment” the founders had while working on a different (crumbling) company, says CEO Adam Tratt. Tratt’s passion for storytelling is contagious, and he insists creating an […]

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  • My First Day at buuteeq


    buuteeq is growing quickly! What’s a first day at buuteeq like? Here is my story: I walked in this morning for my first day at buuteeq and was greeted by Karen, whom I quickly discovered was the Happiness Manager! The energy in the office was high. The sales team had a fun challenge going on […]

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  • Team Member Spotlight: Lisa

    Lisa Tran - buuteeq Product Team

    Far too infrequently, I’ll sit down with one of buuteeq’s talented employees to learn a bit more about them. Today’s spotlight is on Lisa Tran from the product team. Brandon:  You started on the customer success team and got moved to the product team a few months ago. When did you first think that you’d […]

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  • Introducing our buuteeq interns


    Here at buuteeq headquarters, we have been lucky enough to acquire four wonderful interns to help out our team, while learning about the hospitality industry and gaining valuable work experience. We are sincerely grateful for all of their hard work and effort. (We’ll pretend that their decision to spend their time at buuteeq was based […]

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  • Team Member Spotlight: Robert


    Today we’re starting a new segment here on the buuteeq blog called Team Member Spotlights. Today’s spotlight is on Robert, tech aficionado and resident IT guy at buuteeq. Brandon: Since you’ve started at buuteeq, you’ve become an indispensable and much-needed asset, becoming the “go to” guy for tech questions. When did you first realize that you were […]

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