Matt’s Trotamundo – Cross Country Road Trip

We took a break at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. What an incredible view unlike anywhere else in the world

To break the trend of boring, foreign Trotamundos in amazing places like Cambodia, Mexico, South Africa and Thailand (how many beautiful beaches can we have, people?), I decided to keep my Trotamundo “Made in the USA.”  I was partly inspired by some friends’ recent cross-country adventures which had the appealingly grungy, Kerouacian vibe of a […]

Colleen’s Trotamundo: Amsterdam & Spain


I had the honor and privilege to take my Trotamundo to Amsterdam and Spain.  During my time abroad, I was able to spend time not only site-seeing and exploring the cultures, but engaging with hoteliers as well.  The journey lead me through Amsterdam, Barcelona, Seville, Granada, and Madrid. AMSTERDAM The first stop on my adventure […]

Eric’s Trotamundo to Taiwan: Diversity Defined

Taipei 101 from a department store just besides W Hotel Taipei

Taiwan, or Formosa as the Spanish once called it, is a beautiful island located in the Pacific Ocean, just east of China, and is always a gateway for west to meet China or Chinese to explore oceans. Taiwanese culture is a typical melting pot of many different cultures including Chinese, European, Japanese, Aboriginal, South East […]