HITEC Conference Preview: The Forward-Thinking Ideas of Keynote Speaker Rachel Botsman

Rachel Botsman

This year’s HITEC Conference features three great keynote speakers. We at buuteeq are especially excited to hear Rachel Botsman’s talk on Tuesday, June 24th. Botsman is a trailblazing writer and thinker on collaborative consumption, a subject that’s near and dear to our business. In her 2010 book, What’s Mine is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption is […]

Your Bookers May Be Pantless …

  Or otherwise indisposed. Why?  Because most of the mobile audience is chillaxing at home when they research travel. Fuzzy slippers, rollers, eating marshmallow fluff straight out of the jar … You know how it goes. This is because travel shopping is a “lean-back” activity, says eMarketer. The mobile travel audience overwhelmingly researches and books in […]

You Use The Cloud Every Day


Seriously. You do. You use the Cloud all-the-freaking-time. I do, too. Netflix’s based in the Cloud, and I’m on there a lot. Just look at my Top Picks. They’ve got me down. Ugly Betty. Don’t judge. NPR, please help me explain my point. Last week, NPR’s “All Tech Considered” did a series of reports exploring cloud […]

Free Whitepaper – SEO for Hotels


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of formatting website data for search engines like Google to encourage indexing and increased rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). buuteeq has chosen to follow SEO best practices as outlined by Google. They frequently perform their own internal SEO research and implement other research provided by the […]

Free Whitepaper – Hotel Booking Engines


Securing online reservations for hotels is a complicated process. It must take into consideration various currencies, languages, locations, taxes, pre-existing financial arrangements, pre-sold inventory, various inventory distributors, and more. Getting an online booking engine set-up so that hoteliers can accept direct bookings has traditionally been a laborious process. Many providers charge a commission for each […]