New Survey Reveals Surprising Shift in Booking Trends

Booking Direct

We have great news for your brand! More than ever, this exciting development highlights the importance of a well designed website that travelers can navigate quickly and easily. A recent survey reveals an unexpected trend—a majority of active U.S. leisure travelers prefer to book directly through a brand’s website. That’s right. 64% of respondents said […]

The Kids Are Alright

Millennials & Travel

Millennials that is. Millennials want quality writing and good photos for travel inspiration and bookings. Who knew that the online generation prefers good old-fashioned writing and photos when researching and booking travel? Millennials want quality content that inspires when looking for travel and hotel information. A recent Yahoo study has found that today’s Millennial travelers prefer […]

Land Ho! Get To Know WebComplete


  The hotel business is shifting and changing more rapidly than any other time in its history. Communicating with customers has undergone a sea change: desktop, mobile and tablet are available 24/7. One statistic says that 90% of the world’s information was created in the past two years. Reaching customers today means finding them in […]

Setting The Record Straight

Facts Just Ahead Sign

Since the launch of BookingSuite, we have received questions from current and potential customers and we thought it best to address them all for you. We wanted to take the time to answer some of the most “popular” topics so you can fully understand how awesome BookingSuite is, as well as our future plans. Q: […]

Does Your Hotel Really Need a Blog?


Ah, blogging. As the editor of this blog, I live with constant anxiety. Am I posting often enough? Why is no one sharing this great post? Are any of these comments not from my mom? Despite the heavy list of personal inadequacies running a blog can stir up, many hotels still want to have one. […]

Forget Paris. Boutique Destinations Are Where It’s At

boutique destinations

While the beauty of Dubrovnik is undeniable, it’s just a little bit less so during peak seasons when every cobblestone street is packed with gelato-licking tourists.  When I visited during August two years ago, I couldn’t help thinking how amazing the city would be if it wasn’t for all the people. This is part of why vacationing to smaller cities is actually […]