• Digital Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard


    We get it. As a modern-day innkeeper you’ve got a lot on your plate! Where the heck do you start when it comes to getting your site shipshape for 2014? We’ve identified the key marketing tactics of our most successful innkeepers to share with you! In this hour-long webinar, we’ll let you in on their […]

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  • The Skinny on Alt Text

    A photo of a street sign that says, "Blind Person".

    I often get asked about the use of alt= text on images, so I’ll briefly explain its purpose and how it works. Many marketers are very concerned with image alt= text for SEO reasons. Historically, many SEO agencies suggest that alt= text be stuffed with keywords, in order that the image ranks well on Google […]

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  • HR, Culture, and TinyPulse


    Forest and Cynthia sit down to chat about buuteeq’s company culture and how TinyPulse allows employees to easily and anonymously voice their concerns to management. A fascinating glimpse into how young, innovative tech startups function. Transcript Forest:                   Hi I’m Forest Key, the CEO of buuteeq. Cynthia:                 I’m Cynthia Mason, the VP of H.R. Forest:                   We are both enamored, we […]

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  • A New Record – 4 Hotel Websites Live in 24 Hours


    When our new clients, the Malibu Hotel Group, signed up with us, they gave their previous web hosting company a courtesy call, informing them that they were switching services. In response, that hosting company immediately turned off all their websites. The Malibu Hotel Group was in a dire situation! We hated to see them lose […]

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  • Top 5 Hotel SEO Mistakes


    Google’s search wizard Matt Cutts released a short video explaining the 5 most frequent SEO mistakes made by website owners and SEOs. Here they are, in order: 1) Failure to have a website, or making it invisible to Google robots. Some hoteliers have told me that having a directory listing, or a micro-site on a franchise or […]

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  • Short Interview with CEO Forest Key


    In this short video by Concur Technologies, buuteeq CEO and founder Forest Key explains the value of buuteeq. Learn exactly what Forest set out to do when he founded buuteeq–to change and improve the user experience of travel, while simultaneously giving hoteliers back their direct bookings. Forest starts at about 44 seconds in. “We help […]

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  • buuteeq in the News!


    Last night we were featured in Seattle’s local King 5 news, as a finalist in GeekWire’s 2013 awards for ‘Perk of the Year’. See the coverage below. Trotamundo is the name of the employee perk we give to encourage travel and talk with hoteliers. buuteeq will help pay for an employee’s vacation, to anywhere in the world! […]

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  • Rich Article Builder


    buuteeq is happy to announce an important enhancement to our article builder: Video Transcript and Tutorial buuteeq’s rich article editor gives you the freedom to express your hotel’s unique character any way you choose. Existing buuteeq customers can migrate to the new editor module by module. Simply click the edit button, and save the module. […]

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  • buuteeq Does the Harlem Shake


    We think the video speaks for itself:

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  • Tour of buuteeq’s Seattle Office, February 2013


    In an update to our previous video, CEO Forest Key takes us on a tour of buuteeq’s worldwide headquarters in Seattle, WA. Things have sure changed over the past year! What changes do you notice? Transcript   Hi, I’m Forest Key, the CEO of buuteeq and one of the co-founders. Welcome to this quick tour […]

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