Facebook Local Business Pages – A New Design

Yesterday, Facebook updated the way business pages look in their mobile app. The update makes Facebook business pages look like they do on Facebook Nearby–Facebook’s local business search engine, which I covered in a previous article.

The changes are significant. In the image below, you can see the old format and the new format side-by-side.


As you can see, Facebook significantly reduced the length of business pages by removing posts from the page owner and placing them under a new tab labeled ‘Timeline’. Thus, they have promoted vital information about the business and user reviews above messages from the business. See a breakdown below:

Facebook split the page into two tabs, About and Timeline, and made the About tab the default landing tab. A tap-to-call button now appears prominently, as is best practice for mobile design. Guests can 'like' the page and 'check-in'. Other functions like 'message' and 'share' are hidden under the 'more' button, as these features are not as important to mobile guests. The app now has one-tap driving directions. Other info such as pricing, hotel description and parking options are located under "See More Info". The remaining space is dedicated to user generated content, including star ratings, likes, check-ins (or visits), and user reviews (or recommendations, as Facebook calls them). Guests can now review your property directly from their mobile device.

The move appears to make Facebook compete better with local business directories like Yelp on mobile devices. As TechCrunch pointed out yesterday, the new Facebook local business pages look strikingly similar to Yelp local businesses on mobile devices


The impetus for this redesign was masterfully summed up by TechCrunch’s Josh Constine:

“…on mobile, Facebook seems to have found people want actionable information so they can make decisions on the go. That’s why it implemented this redesign.”

Business pages on Facebook mobile appear different, depending on the purpose of the page. For example, local business Facebook pages have a ‘call’ button, while brand Facebook pages have a ‘share’ button. So, just like Google before them, Facebook has made it critical that business owners create the right kind of business page, when establishing their presence on Facebook.

As with the last time I wrote about Facebook Nearby, we don’t know yet if guests will flock to it, or if they’ll continue to use other services like TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google+ Local. But, since there are millions of potential guests on Facebook, it sure doesn’t hurt to take a few hours to craft an excellent Facebook page (our free Facebook app can help with that). To this end, Facebook released some suggestions for local business owners to optimize their page and monitor their page’s success:

  • Fill out your Page with basic information: Page category and about section. If you have a local business with a location, update your Page with your address, store hours, phone number, and other business info.
  • Download the Pages Manager app from the App Store to make it easy to manage your Pages on the go.

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