Free Whitepaper – Customer Acquisition Channels for Hotels

There was once a time when hotel marketing focused on brochures, newspaper listings, magazine ads, banners, and lots of printed paper. Things have changed, and print media is less effective at driving new bookings as it once was. Today, it can be hard for hoteliers to learn how to acquire new guests aside from turning on a flickering ‘vacancy’ light in the window.

This problem is exacerbated as guests move away from more traditional hospitality customer acquisition channels, in favor of more accessible digital channels. In this whitepaper, we will explore the primary acquisition channels used today by the most successful hoteliers and hotel marketers around the world.

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Brandon M. Dennis is the Technical Marketing Manager at buuteeq, the digital marketing system for hotels. He manages buuteeq’s SEO, paid media channels, contributes content, and writes for the company blog. You can connect with him on Twitter @oxhorn.

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