Kristin’s Trotamundo Trip to Brazil


Last month I had the opportunity to travel to one of my dream destinations. After a very cold days in Chile, finally came the day to travel and enjoy a sunny days in Brazil. I spend a week crossing Río de Janeiro, and Buzios with two of my friends.

In general, this country has a lot of qualities that we loved, since their lovely people, warm beaches, very good food combinations and others.

We arrived to Rio, and went directly to Copacabana; here I scheduled meetings with two hotels pretty big.


First, was “ Windsor excelsior Hotel” which was the hotel where we stayed. This Hotel always looked pretty full, and had all the necessary amenities, since shuttle to sauna, and has a totally tourist approach especially for its beachfront location. Had around 233 rooms, and 227 employees.

After went to visit of one of our customers, “ Mar Palace Copacabana” Here I met one of their owners Raphael, and he told me among other things that this is the first hotel in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a lovely hotel, also in Copacabana and has 103 rooms and 60 employees. Raphael told me that the principal focus of this hotel is conventions, so they receive a group of guests and have rooms to their different events. This Hotel have services to cover all the guest needs, and have a very amazing view of the city.

After traveling around Copacabana for two days, and know their principal attractions such as Christ Redeemer or Selarón steps, we travel around two hours in a comfortable taxi to Buzios.

This place was my favorite part of my trip. Quiet and crystalline beaches, lovely cobblestone streets, and friendly people were part of the things that I could find here. In our first day in Buzios we took a boat tour and toured all the beaches of the place, and I had the pleasure to swim in the majority of those waters.


In Buzios I met with the people of “Pousada Corais e Conchas”, a beautiful place with hammocks and many open spaces to rest. Here I talked with their commercial manager, who told me more about them, this pousada form part of a group of three pousadas in buzios, has 38 rooms and 30 employees, and is a place focused in family, so it has services for all ages. Had services as children’s art area, soccer field, even a wine cellar.

Brazil really is a place that is worth knowing, has all kinds of landscapes, people really nice and a lot of sun for sun lovers like me, so I recommend to all know this place full of energy.

I especially want to say thanks to buuteeq for make this trip come true, and for giving to their employees benefits as trotamundos, that make us grow and experience new cultures, and have priceless experiences in other territories, I’m really happy for have had the opportunity to live a trip like this.

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