35 Percent of All American Adults Own Smartphones

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This is how smartphone owners describe how they like their phones. Click for a larger view.

The Pew Research Center released statistics on Monday showing that 35% of all American adults own smartphones, and 83% of them use them to browse the web and check their email. These statistics caused The Seattle Times to cover the story with the headline, “More smartphone owners pulling plug on computers”.

“[These findings] show consumers are adopting smartphones faster than just about any high-tech product in history,” said The Seattle Times in their Wednesday article. The trend, they insist, is that people are quickly switching from computers and laptops to mobile devices as their primary way to browse the Web.

“Currently, 63 percent of all Web traffic is generated by computers, but that number will decline to 46 percent by 2015…” says The Seattle Times. “By 2015, the number of mobile Internet users around the globe will increase 56-fold, to 788 million users…”

While the existence of PC games may mean that the computer will never wholly die, this Web browsing trend can’t be ignored and should cause web designers to look at their priorities when designing websites. If they ignore mobile browsing, it may very make the websites they create irrelevant in only a few years.

We have found a way to incorporate a mobile hotel website into their services. Even free open source blogging services like WordPress come equipped with a host of mobile template plugins. It looks like web designers must embrace mobile as part of their design, or be left in the dust of technology irrelevancy.

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