New Google+ Cover Photos for Pages

Today, Google made a big update to their Google+ Profiles and Pages, including Google+ Local Pages. You can now upload a much bigger cover image for your property, which gives you a huge amount of real estate to show off your hotel. See ours here.

If you own a Google+ Local Place Page (as every hotel and B&B should–read my guide here to learn more), you’ll see a huge map in place of your cover photo. This is actually really cool, but you can still replace the map with your cover photo if you want.


Click to enlarge.


This is what a Business page or a Local Business Page looks like with a new cover photo. Click to enlarge.
This is what the new Local page looks like without the cover photo. Click to enlarge.

How to Change Your Google+ Cover Photo

Make a visually striking cover photo for your hotel. Using a high resolution image works just fine, if you don’t want to fire up Photoshop and get fancy. The maximum size you can use is 2120px by 1192px, which is absolutely huge. I actually recommend you use the largest image you can, as you can use this real estate to nail your marketing message and show off your property, convincing guests to stay.

1) After logging in and visiting your Page, click on the ‘update yours now’ button which should be hovering above your current cover photo.


2) Next, confirm your upgrade to the new layout for Google+ Pages. Google will make this a mandatory upgrade in the future, so you might as well upgrade now. Click OK.


3) Once you upgrade, you’ll be dumped into your Page’s photo library. Google gives you a few stock photos to use if you want (yuck), but upload a high resolution photo of your property instead. Make sure to pick a HUGE image!


4) Once done, you can select the photo you uploaded from your image library, or you can choose any other image from your library. The smallest image you can use for a cover photo is 480px by 270px.


5) Crop the image to fit. Drag the box around until you like what you see, then click save. You’re done!


Do you have an awesome Google+ hotel page? Share it in the comments below!

About Brandon Dennis

Brandon M. Dennis is the former Technical Marketing Manager at buuteeq (now called BookingSuite). You can connect with him on Twitter @oxhorn, or on LinkedIn.


  • I’m having the same problem of not being able to change the cover photo. There is no option to edit upon hover. I helped several businesses with their google + pages (this is my first google businesses page) and never ran into this before. I’m also curious if it must wait until verification. But all other parts of the set up have been edited successfully while we await our post card, including profile photo. Can anybody provide an answer??

    • Honestly, this answer probably stinks, but I never found a solution until I got a new computer. I had an older Mac and a PC that was about 3 years old, and never found a solution on either. Got a new PC a few months ago and it works suddenly.

      No other idea why it works on my new PC and not the older one – i have the same browsers and same versions of those browsers. So no idea other than Google only worries if their stuff is compatible for Chrome and anyone else who gets it to work off of Chrome is just lucky?

    • Hi, I’ve had this issue too. I found that when you click on your listing in my business at the top left of the screen it says “My business” you have to click on the drop down menu and select “Google+Page” then you can hover over the page and change the image.

  • I’m having the same issues as Krissie (first comment). I am not able to change the cover image for the new Google+ page I’ve just completed. No matter where I hover over the default image, I am not given an option to change it. I can change the profile pic but not the big cover image.

    When I hover over the profile pic it is clickable but there is no place on the cover now for me to change it. It is still not verified. Do you know if it can be changed when verified?

    I have never had this happen before and I can’t find anywhere in a search how to fix this.

  • Hi!

    We have several Google Plus accounts for clients, and many have multiple pages – they are business with multiple locations. In almost all of our accounts, the Google Plus cover is no longer editable. I have Googled this for weeks, I have tried every set of instructions, I have tried in all browsers – even Chrome – and these accounts simply don’t have the option available. It’s incredibly frustrating as Google seems to have no answer for this, and I when we follow other instructions from blogs such as this, we simply get looped around in circles in the editing areas of accounts.

    Does anyone have any solution for this?

    Just a note – these are profiles that have been verified and we are the manager of these.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Thank you!

  • Is there a way to change the cover photo back to the map once youve made a new one? I tried deleting the one I made and it defaulted to a picture of some fabric or something. I would like the map back!

    • Sadly, I don’t think there is a way to go back to the map. The map is displayed as the default for Google+ Local pages that have migrated from the legacy Google Places product. To my knowledge, there is currently no way to have a cover photo for a legacy Places page.

      If you did update the cover photo, then you likely have a Google+ Local Page (made after Google+ was launched). Like a Places page, your default cover photo was a map, but unlike a Places page, you were able to update the cover photo. This change is permanent however, and can’t be undone, as Google warns when you start the process (see screenshots above).

  • How can you update the cover photo of one business if you have multiple businesses claimed under one account? When I logged into my account and visited on of of my +local pages I did not get the option to update my cover photo. I only get that when I access my Profile page.

    • Google+ Local works on a per-Page basis, not on a per-account basis. So, even if you have one Google account, and access your Local pages from one dashboard, each Page is still an individual, unique page.

      You need to make sure that each Page is truly a Local Page. If you haven’t already, then you need to visit each of your pages and re-claim them. This will be a 2-week process as Google sends you a post card for each property. Once you are the verified owner, then you will be able to update it while logged into Google+.

      If you still can’t update your cover photo, then I recommend you call Google and have them fix your legacy page. I had to do that for buuteeq’s pages. You may need to create a new Gogole+ Local Page, and then merge it with your old Page in order to get the Google+ functionality, like Cover Photos, reviews, Zagat ratings, and so on.

      Check out my guide here where I outlined the steps:

      • Thanks for sharing your tips. However, my cover photo is showing some gradient colors (becomes dark) when we scroll down. How to fix this?

        • Sadly, you can’t fix the gradient. Google built this gradient into Google+, as a way to discourage people from placing “calls to action” on their cover photos, like “+1 us Now!!” and so on. Facebook swiftly imitated them,.

          • Is there any particular color scheme that works with this? I seen some pages that looks better. (like Coco cola etc)

          • Thanks for your reply. I should then head towards the black color at bottom so that it looks better than before. :)

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