New Google+ Cover Photos for Pages


Today, Google made a big update to their Google+ Profiles and Pages, including Google+ Local Pages. You can now upload a much bigger cover image for your property, which gives you a huge amount of real estate to show off your hotel. See ours here.

If you own a Google+ Local Place Page (as every hotel and B&B should–read my guide here to learn more), you’ll see a huge map in place of your cover photo. This is actually really cool, but you can still replace the map with your cover photo if you want.



Click to enlarge.



This is what a Business page or a Local Business Page looks like with a new cover photo. Click to enlarge.


This is what the new Local page looks like without the cover photo. Click to enlarge.

How to Change Your Google+ Cover Photo

Make a visually striking cover photo for your hotel. Using a high resolution image works just fine, if you don’t want to fire up Photoshop and get fancy. The maximum size you can use is 2120px by 1192px, which is absolutely huge. I actually recommend you use the largest image you can, as you can use this real estate to nail your marketing message and show off your property, convincing guests to stay.

1) After logging in and visiting your Page, click on the ‘update yours now’ button which should be hovering above your current cover photo.


2) Next, confirm your upgrade to the new layout for Google+ Pages. Google will make this a mandatory upgrade in the future, so you might as well upgrade now. Click OK.


3) Once you upgrade, you’ll be dumped into your Page’s photo library. Google gives you a few stock photos to use if you want (yuck), but upload a high resolution photo of your property instead. Make sure to pick a HUGE image!


4) Once done, you can select the photo you uploaded from your image library, or you can choose any other image from your library. The smallest image you can use for a cover photo is 480px by 270px.


5) Crop the image to fit. Drag the box around until you like what you see, then click save. You’re done!


Do you have an awesome Google+ hotel page? Share it in the comments below!

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