No More Pettiness: Competing with The Cloud

A thought occurred to me last week. After hearing various rumors about the new iPad3, the new iPhone 5, and the new excuses to spend money popping up all over the place, all of them ready to capture new markets of consumers irreciprocal to a struggling economy, I realized how much technology consumption is reduced to a popularity contest when its products change so quickly. I am still getting strangely intricate texts from my Mom obviously using Siri to send me overexcited text-novels, and yet we are already hearing about the iPhone5? When will it slow for us to catch up? When will it take longer than two months before you have an outdated version of the latest popular thing?

The increasingly obvious answer in this cloud-based age is that, eventually, we won’t have to catch up; eventually, we will be able to add “keep my technology updated” to a growing list of things that our smartphones and SAS (software as a service) can do for us, giving us time to focus on applying the technology while it does its job.

Gone is the 2-Dimensional Internet

Our product is an example of this kind of newness that itself defines the technology industry. With our cloud-based digital marketing system, taking advantage of newness is entirely advantageous, without the stress of staying trendy, because we all know that to always have the latest iPhone would be not only expensive, but frustrating and hardly worth the effort. We make upgrading a gradual process, so that instead of exchanging a 2005 Motorola Razr for a brand new iPhone 5 and repeating this every seven years, you will always have the latest, most tailored tool for the current internet world. And the best part? You will expect this to happen, and you will forget the petty popularity contest of modern technology.

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