SEO Reading — Some Great Picks

SEO has been top of mind for us the last couple of weeks and we’ve both written a bunch on the subject and as curated some external sources that we really like. I thought I would put them all in one place so that anyone reading up on this subject in particular can find them in one place; here.

SEO monkey's picking your pocket, watch out!

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First, some of our writing on the subject:

  • SEO is B.S. (on our blog), covers our take on why SEO for hospitality (including hotels, inns, and B&Bs) is 99.99% B.S.
  • SEO Over-Optimization (on our blog), covers a very likely culprit for SEO ranking and traffic disruption, at the hands of too much monkeying around with word density, backlinks, and other “SEO agency” tweaking.
  • SEO Vendor Segmentation, on my personal blog, which is my own personal send-up of the multi-billion dollar industry that feeds on the even bigger Google search industry.
  • SEO of Multi-Channel Publishing, which covers themes related to back-links, duplicate content, and Google’s guidance on this subject.
  • The SEO Obsession, on Lodging (industry online magazine covering professional lodging industry of all types) my guest post which expands on the themes in a limited length post (thanks to the many folks who have contacted me on this one with favorable comments).

And, my favorite writing by others including the superb New York Times coverage of Google’s monopolistic power in the search industry and the many bizarre consequences of that power on the way business works online:

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