Smartphone Hotel Reservations 2013

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Digital marketing is constantly evolving as new channels emerge. Mobile marketing is the latest example, giving hoteliers an excellent opportunity to reach new tech-savvy guests.

Today, globally, there are 1080 million smartphones.

The Smartphone Marketplace

  • 4 in 10 people make online reservations
  • 92% make reservations from computers
  • 8% make reservations from smartphones

What are the top reasons guests choose not to make hotel reservations from smartphones?

  • The hotel website is difficult to see, read and browse
  • It loads slowly
  • Text is too small, and zooming in is awkward
  • Guests don’t trust their mobile connection

What are the top activities guests perform on smartphones?

  • 60% look at hotel room photos
  • 56% share hotel information with their friends, via email or social media
  • 42% use mobile optimized search engines to discover local hotels
  • 40% read hotel reviews

Hotels that optimize their websites for mobile devices see, on average, a 10% growth in direct, online reservations made through their website.

  • 47% of all travelers start planning their trip from a smartphone
  • 32% of all hotel reservations will be made from smartphones by 2016
  • 100% of online travel agencies (OTAs) are optimized for mobile devices, attracting more guests.

Does your hotel have a mobile optimized website?

buuteeq’s mobile optimized hotel websites are optimized for easy navigation, guest retention, and more direct, commission-free bookings.

What do guests look for in a hotel website?

  • Hotel Info – Show guests why your hotel is the best place to visit.
  • Reservations – Our commission-free booking engine is optimized for mobile, increasing reservations.
  • Location – Guests can easily find your hotel with one-tap directions from your website’s map.
  • Call Button – The majority of last-minute reservations come from smartphones. A tap-to-call button will increase your last-minute, direct reservations.
  • Promotions – Make sure guests see your promotions by placing them at the top of the page, increasing conversions.
  • Extra Info – include all the extra information you want your guests to know, like property history, nearby restaurants, etc.

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Brandon M. Dennis is the Technical Marketing Manager at buuteeq, the digital marketing system for hotels. He manages buuteeq’s SEO, paid media channels, contributes content, and writes for the company blog. You can connect with him on Twitter @oxhorn.

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