Webinar: Best Practices for Showcasing Your Independent Hotel

Revinate-buuteeqLast week we co-hosted a very successful joint webinar with our friends at Revinate. During this hour long session we identified key features that every hotel website needs to have to drive direct bookings, why featuring negative reviews on your site will help your business, and much more. For those unable to attend, here is a recording of the webinar and the presentation deck is available below.

If you have any questions regarding Revinate’s platform, please reach out to info@revinate.com.

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I'm part of the marketing team here at buuteeq and I wear many hats. I work closely with our sales team, product team and design team to generate leads, market our amazing product and help buuteeq grow. I also like to do cartwheels around the office in my spare time.


  • While none of us like negative reviews. I always sit on the review for 24-48 hours before I respond so I take the emotion out of it. I look at the review and ask myself “How can I make my response into a positive statement for the hotel versus the negative content.” I can almost always do it. Too… I constantly remind myself, you are now not really talking to the poster… You are talking to the people reading the review.

    But… like many of us… There is that big part of me who wants to get down in the sandbox and fight with this people. Resist all temptations!!

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