What’s so great about a blog anyway?

From time to time, I contribute to other blogs as a guest writer. The following article was published at Tnooz this morning.

When I first started writing about hospitality, I was surprised at the number of hoteliers who came to me and said: “I have to have a blog – my SEO is bad without a blog!”, or some other variant.

Even today, the idea that somehow having a blog will magically bring you more traffic and more confirmed reservations is prevalent, as recently evidenced by a thought provoking article on Tnooz, titled “If you do not have a blog, your hotel website is dead“.

So, what is it about a blog that brings you more traffic? What is it about a blog that makes Google like your website more?

Nothing. There is nothing special about a blog.

Read the complete article here on Tnooz.

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Brandon M. Dennis is the Technical Marketing Manager at buuteeq, the digital marketing system for hotels. He manages buuteeq’s SEO, paid media channels, contributes content, and writes for the company blog. You can connect with him on Twitter @oxhorn.

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