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Properties of all sizes are driving bookings with buuteeq! Explore these real hotels that use buuteeq to power their digital marketing needs.


  • Westway

Westway Hospitality

"I love that our buuteeq website looks great on all devices and that we can easily change the content and publish instantly. I’m now able to login anytime and update text, pictures, promotions and more. We’ve even been able to drive traffic by adding a Seattle Events page. It’s not like our previous website, which was very difficult to use on the backend. And the results are obvious—compared to our old website, we’re doing a lot better.”

Bill Weatherford, Owner

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  • GroupMockup

Diego de Almagro Hoteles

"It all comes down to data. With buuteeq's Collections product, we can track performance both at the brand level and at the individual property level. With this insight, we better positioned to create and measure more effective marketing campaigns."

Francisco Nazer, General Manager

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  • DiegodeAlmagro
  • ManausHotels

Manaus Hotels

"The ability to view multiple properties is an important part in our growth for our brand and Collections allows guests to find the property and offering that best suits their needs faster, with a consistent message. buuteeq provides a unique product and we have multiple properties with distinct characteristics and services that let us highlight each, while not losing sight of our brand's core strength. buuteeq's Collections product helps us in achieving this in a fashion that meets our needs."

Rafael Degelo, Manager

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Comfort Inn Oceanside

"Absolutely thrilled with the performance, just booked a meeting for next month off the meeting page. Live for 4 months, 32% bounce, 6K visits, 4k into the booking engine."

Gail Frackas, Owner

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  • ComfortInnOceanside
  • SleepInn&SuitesWildwood

Sleep Inn & Suites Wildwood

"I have total control over my marketing content because it’s so easy to update with the buuteeq platform….Pricing is a steal at the Choice negotiated rates, especially compared to other companies offering similar services."

Raymond Manaois, General Manager

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Clarion Collection Hotel Astoria

  • AstoriaHomepage

Best Western Henderson

“Customers always comment on our site looking good. But I don’t need people to tell me the site looks good, it is good! And our numbers don’t lie ... Across the board, visits and looks have increase over four times thanks to buuteeq.”

Khem Baber, Owner

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  • BWPlusHenderson
  • SleepInnColby

Sleep Inn & Suites Colby

"Thanks to buuteeq, we know that we are providing guests with a great user experience no matter what device they’re using. It can be tricky for hotels to manage a mobile presence, but our content is uniform across all channels and can all be easily updated from one place. Plus the connection to the Choice CRS is absolutely flawless–guests don’t even have to leave our site to complete a booking! We couldn’t have asked for more."

Dave Peterson, Owner

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Quality Hotel Bordeaux Centre

  • QualityHotelBordeaux

The Peacock Inn, an Ascend Property

“When it comes to online marketing for hotels, buuteeq is fantastic—there’s really no better solution on the market. buuteeq provides incredible ease of use, from updating the website content to creating new pages to tracking performance. We love tweaking our website to really make it pop, and the analytics provide us with a lot of validation of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it."

Scott Sussman, Marketing Director

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  • PeacockInn
  • QualityInnSeattle

Quality Inn & Suites Seattle Center

“The buuteeq system has allowed us to really show-off our rooms, especially one our king-sized rooms that has a great view of the Space Needle. By updating the room information and changing the name to 'Penthouse Suite,' we’ve seen many, many more bookings for this room."

Arturo Lizada, Guest Services Manager

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Comfort Inn & Suites Murrieta

  • MurrietaLaptop

Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Garden Court Hotel

"I enjoy the complete control I have over our website with buuteeq's product. I no longer have to rely on an agency when I want to make changes on the site and the quality of our marketing materials is exceptional and delivering great results."

Susanne Smith, Director of Marketing

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  • GardenCourt
  • VillasdeTrancoso

Villas de Trancoso

“With the new buuteeq features in place, we are able to market to the new mobile market both in Brazil and across the world. Our Facebook followers are increasingly sharing our mobile website with their friends … We are very pleased that buuteeq has helped us move to the cutting edge of technology and are benefiting greatly from this improved ability to tell our story."


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Azura Benguerra Island

  • AzuraLaptop

Summit Resort Hotel

Bruce loves the fact that we are always innovating, loves the ease of use, visual appeal to travelers and ability to save time when checking on analytics. and is excited for email marketing/more updates to come later this year!

Bruce J, Owner

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  • Summit
  • ViladosOrixas

Hotel Vila dos Orixas

"Our position in Google increased a lot since we started using the new system buuteeq, and our website is now more dynamic and modern. I love to be able to change the content and promotions, depending on our occupation and our guests' interests."

Silvia Casas, Director of Marketing

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Etnia Clube de Mar

  • ClubedeMarLaptop

Le Quartier Français

"We have seen a major increase in our website views and our online bookings for all our offerings from rooms, to the restaurants to our cooking classes. buuteeq has definitely made it easier and faster for international visitors to book us."

Susan Huxter, Owner

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  • Le-Quartier-Francaishotel-hotel

Independent Hotels

  • Marquis

Marquis de Lafayette

“When I finally stopped to look at the numbers in our BackOffice system I about fell out of my chair. Thanks to buuteeq, we’ve generated nearly a quarter million dollars through just our website. Good God, I love you guys!

Peggy Evans, General Manager

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Corral del Rey

"Switching to buuteeq for our hotel’s online marketing has been like standing up on a surfboard and getting ready to ride a massive wave of innovation—I’m exhilarated. This is clearly the future for independent hotel online marketing."

Anthony Reid Mora-Figueroa, Owner

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  • CorraldelRey

Seehotel Töpferhaus

  • SeehotelLaptop
  • ElCordova

El Cordova Hotel

"We’re fully satisfied with the look and feel of our website designed by the buuteeq team. Ever since we switched to Panorama, it has created more buzz on our social networking sites. The new look reflects the boutique Hacienda style of El Cordova Hotel. The buuteeq staff has been easy to work with, and also proactive with keeping our website current and fresh. buuteeq has become a valuable asset to our online marketing campaign."

Mica Jackson, General Manager

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Richmond Hotel

"buuteeq's staff have proven to be knowledgeable, accessible, and very helpful. We enjoy having one hundred percent control of our website, and the flexibility to make changes easily and quickly without having to rely on third parties."

Stuart Weintraub, General Manager

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  • Richmond

Pier 5 Hotel

  • Pier5Laptop
  • Li-An

Li-An Lodge

"Business has been very good since we switched to buuteeq, and both direct reservations and total reservations are noticeably up. I love being able to edit the content myself. It's very intuitive and easy."

Cecilia Liu, Owner

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Hotel Cirilo Armstrong

"Our old website was built with Flash and was difficult for us to manage and was really causing us challenges with our search engine discovery in Google. Our new buuteeq website is easy for me to manage, richer looking, and is performing much better in Google."

Elisa Assler, Owner

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  • Cirilio

The Verb Hotel

  • VerbLaptop
  • Yangshuo

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

"Our website is beautiful and has helped us to better organize the many articles and photos that we've gathered over the years about our Yangshuo location. buuteeq's DMS is easy to use and the results are excellent."

Chris Barclay, Owner

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Inns and Bed & Breakfasts

Palm Springs Rendezvous

"The relative cost of the website allowed us to upgrade both our properties to a state of the art website without the $10-15,000 out of pocket expense like the last time we custom built a website. I now can change anything any time I like and the backend will continue to evolve with what is new and important in the internet and hospitality world."

Jake Cohen, Owner

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  • PalmSprings
  • CanyonVilla

Canyon Villa Bed and Breakfast Inn of Sedona

"Since I have been with buuteeq, my advance bookings started a dramatic increase within 2 weeks, and have averaged a 67% increase since the website went live 3 months ago. I find comfort knowing that I have the buuteeq team out there doing everything they can to give us small "mom and pop" innkeepers the tools and education we need to compete with the big hotels that have full time staff to handle such things."

Les Belch, Owner

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The Woodlawn Inn

  • WoodlawnLaptop

Villa Caracol

  • VillaCaracolLaptop

The Heritage Inns

"Our figures show that our internet bookings increased 200% in Feb over last year’s number, March 200%, April 300%, and thus far in May 128%. Many people who call for reservations are remarking how great the web site looks."

John Morris, Owner

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  • LocustStInn
  • HillHouse

The House on the Hill, a Bed & Breakfast Inn

"We just hired buuteeq to help us modernize our website, completing the migration process earlier this month. The transition was smooth, with a competent account executive and strong technical support helping with each step. Now we will analyze the web metrics and determine ROI. By the end of next month we should have enough data to determine buuteeq’s value add to our business."

Phillip Palajac, Owner

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Whitefish River Inn

  • Whitefish-MacBook

Moose Creek Cabins & Inn

"We are very happy with buuteeq and the customer service from all of the staff there. It was a good change for us."

Brenna, Owner

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  • MooseCreekInn
  • LehmanHouse

Lehmann House Bed & Breakfast

"I am delighted to say that over the next 10 days (50 room nights) I only have a few room nights available. I could be your poster child for web site make-over success story."

Marie Davies, Owner

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Sun & Ski Inn & Suites

  • Sun&SkiLaptop

South Street Inn

"I got a call from a SEO company trying to sell me their services, asking me all kinds of questions. I blew him away with my knowledge of SEO’s , backlinks, knowing exactly where I am on Google, etc. He said I was the most knowledgeable and proactive business manager he had ever spoken to and wanted to know how I got that way. I said I had an awesome website company who educates me and teaches me what to do so I can take of myself. Thank you buuteeq!"

Liz, Owner

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  • SouthStInn
  • PrettyRiverValley

Pretty River Valley Inn

"On the system its like christmas! 11 rooms, last 30 days = 4500 visits, 2500 looks, 20% bounce, $20K in bookings."

Linda and Paul, Owner

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