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Content Management Systems Power Hotel Marketing

Tech-savvy hotels are using hotel content management systems (CMSs) to power their online marketing and get more direct reservations. Simply log-in to the intuitive web interface, add pages, drag-and-drop images, customize fonts, colors and layout, add rooms, manage pricing and much more.

In addition to control and flexibility, a hotel CMS allows hotel owners or operators to make changes immediately, on their time, from anywhere in the world.

In this short guide, we will cover other major benefits of using a hotel CMS and what to look for when shopping for a CMS for your hotel.

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buuteeq’s Cloud DMS is a hotel marketing CMS hotels around the world use to power their digital marketing across web, mobile and social marketing channels. Learn more about our product or sign up. We’ll email you a verification link so you can login to the BackOffice and experiment.

Why Use a Hotel CMS?

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Traditionally, hotels have contracted outside service providers to create hotel websites for them and manage their hotel seo. This model is quickly becoming outdated as more and more technologies move into the cloud. A hotel CMS lives in the cloud, allowing hoteliers to update their online marketing materials any time, wherever they are in the world.

Always Up to Date

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With a hotel content management system, you can keep your website content fresh always. As technology advances, static websites remain stuck in the technology era when they were first produced. Hotel CMSs are constantly updated with recent technology in order to remain competitive and pass those technology updates on to clients, free of charge.

More Affordable

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As we cover in our article on utility computing, subscription-based services deliver million-dollar technology to hoteliers on a limited budget. Netflix, for example, delivers film and television to subscribers that took untold billions to produce over decades for a low, monthly fee. This model is much more affordable than producing movies oneself or purchasing each movie individually. With software as a service (SaaS), subscribers gain access to all the benefits for a smidgen of the actual cost.

More Accessible

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By using a CMS, hotels can publish their property’s online marketing materials whenever they want. With the push of one button, hoteliers can publish their updates across all marketing channels—web, mobile and social. Simply put, a hotel CMS delivers fast, immediate results.

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What to Look For in a Hotel CMS

When shopping for a CMS to power your property's online marketing, look for the major things your property needs to stay competitive online. Here's a handy checklist of some must-haves.

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Detailed Room Descriptions

Room information is one of the first things guest look for when they reach a hotel website. Having detailed, prominent information about your rooms in a number of formats so guests can quickly compare them is essential to having highly performing digital marketing.

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High Resolution Photos

Beautiful, high resolution photos of your property are key to converting lookers into bookers. Make sure your hotel CMS prominently showcases your property’s photos on every page—on the homepage, on room description pages and on your map.

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Multi-Channel Publishing

A website is important, but a good hotel content management system will help you optimize your marketing presence on other marketing channels, including mobile and social channels. Make sure that the one you choose delivers a mobile optimized website that works well on all mobile devices and tablets, and gives you the tools you need to showcase you property on Facebook and other social networks.

Find a CMS Hotels Around the World Already Use

There is no better gauge of a hotel marketing solution than to see what it produces! Find a service that powers thousands of successful properties of all shapes and sizes from across the globe.

Since 2010, buuteeq has been the hotel CMS of choice for thousands of properties that you can explore on our interactive map. Want to learn more? Fill out the form below and we will send you an email with steps on how to activate your new marketing presence powered by the world’s leading digital marketing system for hotels.

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