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Facebook hotels gain real-world benefit from the social network with more direct, online reservations, greater brand awareness, more repeat business and more new business from friend and family recommendations; benefits that are unique to this social network.

The best hotel Facebook pages have optimized content made to predict guest interests and resolve guest concerns. A custom Facebook presence ensures that you can deliver this information to the millions of Facebook guests that use the social network to get recommendations about hotels on Facebook from friends and family and make every-day decisions, ranging from where to eat that day to where to stay during vacation.

Give guests a better experience on Facebook by showing off your property using our free app. This will encourage more likes, comments and shares, which will increase your exposure on Facebook and Facebook's local directory called Facebook Nearby.

As social creatures, humans crave community. By satisfying this basic need online, Facebook for hotels has become a unique way to introduce new guests to your one-of-a-kind hotel.

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buuteeq's totally free Hotel Info App for Facebook creates an optimized experience for your guests and shows off your property's room, photos, locations and more. Learn more about our free app or request a demo.

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Facebook for Hotels

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Hotels on Facebook that take advantage of the nearly one billion active Facebook guests are Facebook hotels. By now, the benefits of using Facebook for hotels are well known to all.

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Studies show that 77% of guests on Facebook happily interact with brands like hotels on Facebook, including inns and B&Bs, and 56% of them say they are more likely to recommend a hotel they follow. 71% of guests make purchase decisions (like booking a room) after listening to their friends’ recommendations on Facebook. In a nutshell, Facebook hotels have the great advantage of tapping in to a vibrant online social community that is eager to engage with the best hotel Facebook pages.

However, utilizing Facebook for hotels to fill rooms can be a confusing and intimidating process, which is why we created our free Hotel Info Facebook app for hotels. The following is a short but comprehensive guide to utilizing the tools out there to optimize your hotel for the world’s most popular and powerful social network.

How to Turn Your Hotels into Facebook Hotels

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Nothing can capture the unique character of your hotel than a fully-branded experience built specifically for hotels. There are a number of great solutions out there that the best hotel Facebook pages use which we encourage you to explore, but none of them are as comprehensive as our free Facebook app for hotels on Facebook. Some of the benefits include:

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Detailed information about your rooms, including photos, room descriptions, amenities and rates.

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Beautiful, high resolution photography of your property in a gallery that’s easy to browse on Facebook for hotels.

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Specific location information using interactive maps to show guests the interesting sights and activities around your hotel.

Additionally, our free app for Facebook for hotels includes always up-to-date contact information, right at your guests's fingertips that includes an hotel SEO friendly backlink to your website. Guests can also make direct reservations right from your Facebook page.

Hallmarks of the Best Hotel Facebook Pages

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1) Hotels on Facebook Use Special Offers

Give guests a reason to visit your page, encourage likes and subscribe to your updates with special offers just for Facebook followers. For example, create a promotion with a unique promo code that you only advertise on Facebook for hotels. This will make guests on Facebook feel special, like they are an important part of your Facebook hotels community and will engender loyalty which leads to more direct reservations.

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2) Create Ads to Your Page

Facebook is an important advertising platform for social sharing. Facebook hotels use a combination of sponsored stories and Facebook ads to reach guests. Sponsored stories are regular status updates that you can promote by paying Facebook. These sponsored stories will then receive greater prominence on and prolonged exposure in a guests Facebook stream.

Facebook ads appear as small, classic advertisements on Facebook. If you pay only for clicks, then this is a handy way to get brand exposure while only paying for actual visits. When used wisely, even hotels on a budget can benefit from Sponsored Stories and Facebook Ads on even the best hotel Facebook pages.

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3) Make Each Update to Your Page Interesting

Facebook uses what they call an ‘Edge Rank’ to rank a page's updates. The higher they rank your updates, more of your fans will see them. If your updates are rarely liked and commented upon, then Facebook will give your page a lower Edge Rank. They do not give much visibility to pages that have a low Edge Rank when deciding what content to show in a guest’s stream. You can solve this by making sure that each of you updates is interesting. Include photos, videos, links to interesting external sources and ask questions of your guests. Don’t always promote your own content, for then guests will think that you are just a spammy self-promoter. Instead, talk about many different topics including your Facebook hotels to engender trust and encourage social communication.

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4) Create a Cover Photo

Eye tracking studies show that the cover photo is the most visible part of your Facebook page. Make sure that your cover photo is beautiful and that it captivates guests as soon as they see it. A high resolution photo of your property is always good.

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5) Use Facebook Insights for Your Hotels on Facebook

Facebook Insights show you exactly what is going on with your page. This information is valuable because it can help you understand what kind of content works best with your audience and what you should change with your Facebook hotel marketing strategy.

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Best Hotel Facebook Pages

Here is a selection of some of the best hotel Facebook pages we have seen here at buuteeq. We encourage you to visit them and get inspired!

Forty Putney Road Bed & Breakfast

  • VermontInnPhotos

Garden Court Hotel

  • GardenCourtEvents

Bacon Mansion Bed & Breakfast

  • BaconbMansion

Bellavista Home

  • Bellavista

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