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Running a hotel is one thing, but marketing one is quite another. The Internet changes so quickly that marketing strategies relevant five years ago are outdated today. It can be a burden to run a hotel and keep up with the latest marketing trends. Which is why we’re here for you.

Decades of Experience

buuteeq’s hotel internet marketing consultants have decades of experiencing running the sales and marketing departments of hotels around the world. Our management are former marketing and technology executives at Microsoft, Google, and Sony, and our consultants have years of experience working for big brands like Red Lion Hotels, and North Pacific Property Management Corp. Our team not only has the hospitality experience necessary to understand your property’s unique needs, but also the technology chops required to understand evolving Internet marketing trends and help your hotel achieve success.

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Smart Analytics

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Our unique brand of business analytics is tailored specifically for hotels, giving you insights about your property that are missing or hard to find elsewhere. Our hotel marketing consultants can show you what to improve to increase direct conversions, and which avenues to explore to find new guests where you never thought to look for them.

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