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Detailed Room Overviews

Hotel rooms on your website show off their unique quirks and allow guests to compare--accommodations, bed types, room sizes, perks and views.

Hotel Rooms Organized for Better Guest Browsing

Show Off Your Hotel Rooms

Each and every one of your rooms deserves its own, dedicated page. With buuteeq rich room inventory structure, you can create a detailed landing page with room photos, room descriptions, room amenities, room rates and a quick reservation button. You can even offer room comparisons to guests so they can better choose the room they like best.

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Your Hotel Rooms Stand Out in Three Unique Ways

Rich Room Pages
Customize your room pages with complete details of your rooms. Include photos, photo slideshows, room amenities, room rates and rich room descriptions.

Detailed Room Comparisons
Guests can view your rooms in three views; summary, detail and comparison. The comparison view lines up each room side-by-side so guests can see which rooms have the amenities they desire.

Edit Once, Publish Everywhere
After you create rooms, any changes you make to them are automatically pushed to all of your marketing channels, including your hotel mobile hotel website, hotel iPhone app and hotel Facebook app.

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Success Stories

"Business has been very good since we switched to buuteeq, and both direct reservations and total reservations are noticeably up. I love being able to edit the content myself. It's very intuitive and easy." -Cecilia Liu, Owner Li-An Lodge

"I enjoy the complete control I have over our website with buuteeq's product. I no longer have to rely on an agency when I want to make changes on the site and the quality of our marketing materials is exceptional and delivering great results." -Susanne Smith, Director of Marketing
Garden Court Hotel

"Our old website was built with Flash and was difficult for us to manage and was really causing us challenges with our search engine discovery in Google. Our new buuteeq website is easy for me to manage, richer looking, and is performing much better in Google."  -Elisa Assler, Owner Hotel Cirilo Armstrong

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Video Transcript:

Research shows that room information is the single most important content on a hotel website. Guests are eager to see lots of photos, detailed descriptions, a clear list of amenities, and a cohesive overview of the different options they will have if they book a room. buuteeq presents your room information in 3 views; Overview, Detailed View and Comparison View. The Overview presents thumbnail photos and short descriptions so that guests can quickly get a sense for what the options are. The Detailed View allows guests to explore multiple photos, a longer description, and a complete list of amenities. Guests can quickly click between room types without waiting for the entire page to reload, making browsing between rooms faster. The Comparison View brings together the key options of each room in a clear comparative table where guests can evaluate all options and make their room choice. Guests can click through photos, see differences in amenities, filter by bed type and even by room view. Adding information about your rooms to the buuteeq BackOffice is quick and easy. Define your room categories and add room types. Add photos. Add short and long descriptions. Add amenities and assign them to each room type. Select bed types, room views, or other details. The result is a gorgeous Room Gallery with all the right information presented in an optimal way for guests to evaluate and make a reservation, on your website, your Facebook page, and on mobile phones.