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BackOffice Overview

Hotel CMS Software For Managing Your Hotel Marketing

Work on your hotel marketing right from your browser. Manage your channels with no software to install.

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In-The-Cloud Hotel CMS Software

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Create and update your hotel marketing on your schedule with buuteeq's BackOffice! Upload files, create pages, give room details and set your rates without installing anything on your computer.

What Our Hotel Website CMS Does

The BackOffice is split into four modules, each with its own distinct function.

  • BOMessages

Manage the day-to-day activities of your hotel from the Front Desk module. Set your room availability, close rooms, days or even open rooms for overbooking, see incoming reservations from your online hotel booking engine and browse detailed customer information that will help you with your marketing strategy.

  • BOArticle

Customize the content of your hotel website, mobile website and Facebook page from the marketing module. Upload photos, create articles, add points of interest to your maps, use the localization tool to offer website translations, monitor performance analytics, and publish updated info about your property.

  • BOPromotions

Use the Pricing Module to define your hotel's rates. Create seasons, price your promotions and add-ons and define channel and qualifying rates. The pricing you enter here is automatically synced with your interactive, rich online booking engine, accessible from your website, Facebook page and from mobile devices.

  • BOBrand

Use the settings module to define basic information about your hotel. Create a room structure, design the color scheme and hotel branding of your marketing materials, add and manage users, choose an online reservation option and write your hotel policies.

Safe & Secure

Your hotel marketing materials are backed up in the cloud. The information you place in the BackOffice is safe and hidden from public eyes. You control what the public sees by publishing whatever you wish to the world.

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buuteeq is your one-stop-shop for powerful hotel marketing, right from your browser. Request a demo of our hotel marketing software to learn how we can help your property have a better online presence.

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Success Stories

"I enjoy the complete control I have over our website with buuteeq's product. I no longer have to rely on an agency when I want to make changes on the site and the quality of our marketing materials is exceptional and delivering great results."  -Susanne Smith, Director of Marketing
Garden Court Hotel

"Our old website was built with Flash and was difficult for us to manage and was really causing us challenges with our search engine discovery in Google. Our new buuteeq website is easy for me to manage, richer looking, and is performing much better in Google." -Elisa Assler, Owner
Hotel Cirilo Armstrong

"Business has been very good since we switched to buuteeq, and both direct reservations and total reservations are noticeably up. I love being able to edit the content myself. It's very intuitive and easy."  -Cecilia Liu, Owner
Li-An Lodge

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Video Transcript:

The buuteeq BackOffice is an easy to learn content management system that you and your staff use to manage all of your hotel's digital marketing. You can set individual roles so members of your operations, marketing, and general management team each have control over different content. With the buuteeq BackOffice you will define your room inventory, design a look and feel for your brand, upload photos and points of interest for an interactive map, and create custom articles that are unique to your hotel. When you first login to the BackOffice, a wizard guides you through the setup process. - In the settings module, start by filling in your hotel's information. - Define your hotel's room types and their capacity. - Design the branding scheme for your hotel. - Set up multiple users and their access roles. - And complete your policies. - In the marketing module, define the core marketing details for your property. - And then specify how it is used in mobile, social and web materials. - As you are working on materials, you preview them in a sandbox environment where you can review changes and make improvements before publishing them. - You can monitor performance and see which marketing efforts are performing best. In the pricing module, you can set your rates and promotions and track reservations. When you sign up for a buuteeq account you can play with the BackOffice and try out all the features of the system without changing your existing hotel website. Then, after you've configured the system you can choose to activate your new hotel website and other features. More details about the buuteeq BackOffice are covered more thoroughly in individual videos listed in the demos section of our website.