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Your Choice of Hotel Software Can Make or Break Your Business

Various types of hotel software are important to the function of a quality hotel, and cover multiple disciplines, including property management, digital marketing, content management, and online bookings. Choosing modern software for your hotel will enable your property to better convert the millions of guests who go online to make travel plans, and can help prevent legacy system failures, which are all too common in the travel industry. The best solution is to select a software as a service (SaaS) solution, which will always remain up-to-date, despite future technology advancements.

buuteeq specializes in two types of hotel software; hotel marketing software and hotel booking software.

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Marketing Hotel Software

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Marketing software can package your hotel and present it to online guests in just the way they are able to understand it. It puts your property's best foot forward, leading to more direct online conversions and increased room occupancy.

buuteeq’s Cloud DMS software puts your hotel’s digital marketing in your hands, giving you precise control over your brand, how your hotel appears to guests, the quality of your marketing content, and the channels you choose to market in—all from one intuitive browser-based dashboard. buuteeq’s rich 360 Analytics shows you exactly how well your marketing materials are performing, giving you insight into the type of content your guest are interested in and in what ways you can improve your marketing presence.

Web Marketing Hotel Software

Use buuteeq’s hotel software to create a modern, top-of-the-line hotel website as unique as your hotel brand. Your website is built with responsive design, ensuring that it looks amazing on all browsers running on any device—desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, you name it.

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Mobile Marketing Hotel Software

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The majority of last-minute bookings currently come from mobile devices, and mobile web browsing is set to overcome PC browsing by 2013. With buuteeq, you can quickly publish a beautiful mobile optimized website, integrated with the rest of your marketing collateral, which will bring you new bookings from mobile-savvy guests.

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Social Marketing Hotel Software

Install buuteeq’s content-rich hotel info app into your Facebook page and give social guests all of your hotel’s amazing marketing content, right from Facebook. With over one billion people using Facebook and millions making travel plans, your hotel will be better prepared utilizing hotel software for social media.

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Online Reservations Hotel Software

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Turn your online marketing content into a conversion engine with buuteeq’s commission-free booking engine hotel software. You keep every dollar that passes through your booking engine—we never take a cut!

Our commission-free booking engine is a powerful stand-alone hotel reservation system that integrates with your hotel’s online marketing content. You can use it to create and manage inventory, set rates and promotions, create seasons, and more.

You can even use your current booking engine and improve its performance by wrapping it with buuteeq’s user interface. Our CRS Sync function allows you to keep your current online booking solution while integrating with your marketing content, giving guests a seamless online reservation experience that discourages breakage and encourages more online reservations.

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