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The Importance of Information Architecture

Hotel Web Design Architecture Encourages More Bookings

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Information Architecture - What Is It?

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People tend to look for things in specific places. Drivers expect to find mileage, the gas meter and speedometer in the same place on each car, which is why all car dashboards resemble each other. Similarly, people browse websites expecting to find certain information, like a reservation button, in specific places.

buuteeq has invested significant time and research into information architecture (IA) and developed website structures that deliver your important hotel information where guests are already looking for it.

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buuteeq's advanced branding module lets you design your own branding scheme, including fonts, colors, images, backgrounds, logos, buttons and bullets.

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Our IA produces clean, efficient and attractive web templates that not only have a pleasing aesthetic, but they also ease navigation and encourage more direct reservations.

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buuteeq's IA optimizes your website for an intuitive browsing experience on both the web and on mobile devices, making it easy for guests to book a room from their pockets.

Hotel Website Templates

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buuteeq supports a number of templates, each specifically designed for great IA. Request a demo of our hotel marketing software for more information about our award-winning information architecture.

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Success Stories

"Business has been very good since we switched to buuteeq, and both direct reservations and total reservations are noticeably up. I love being able to edit the content myself. It's very intuitive and easy."

Cecilia Liu, Owner
Li-An Lodge

"I enjoy the complete control I have over our website with buuteeq's product. I no longer have to rely on an agency when I want to make changes on the site and the quality of our marketing materials is exceptional and delivering great results."

Susanne Smith, Director of Marketing
Garden Court Hotel

"Our old website was built with Flash and was difficult for us to manage and was really causing us challenges with our search engine discovery in Google. Our new buuteeq website is easy for me to manage, richer looking, and is performing much better in Google."

Elisa Assler, Owner
Hotel Cirilo Armstrong

Video Transcript:

Your hotel is special. You want your hotel's website to be unique, and one-of-a-kind. You're naturally concerned that building your website with buuteeq will make it look like every other hotel website--like a car made on an assembly line shared with thousands of others. Trust us; your website WILL be unique--a highly customizable fingerprint on the web. But there's something car makes have already figured out that we can learn from. When you look at any car, you will notice that they share an information architecture--that is, they have many of the same components and locations in common. The steering wheel, gear-shift, glove box, gas pedal--each car has one, and they are often all in the same spot. The same is true with a car's instrument panel. Each instrument panel has a fuel gage, a speedometer, a temperature gage and a tachometer. This is because a driver expects to find each of these devices, and looks for them in the same spot. If he doesn't find them where he expects them, he becomes disoriented and has a poor driving experience. Your potential guests want to know some very specific things about your hotel when they arrive on your website. They are, in essence, looking for the information architecture of staying at a hotel; rooms, photos, maps of the area, how to make a reservation and other amenities. Think of your website as a car's control panel. You want to provide your potential guests with the information they are looking for, and in the way they want to find it. The most time consuming aspect of website design is creating its information architecture. This is where buuteeq comes in. buuteeq has done the expensive and laborious research necessary to come up with a powerful information architecture tailored specifically for hotels like yours. Like a well-designed car dashboard, superbly designed digital content aims to predict and provide your users with the information that satisfies. Our slick, targeted interface prioritizes information, speeds user navigation while improving efficiency, enhances your potential guest's comprehension and retention and helps trigger the reservation decision. This impresses your potential guests and compels them to make a purchase--which, at the end of the day, is the primary purpose for your website. As an example, let's take a look how information architecture is executed by buuteeq for rooms. In the overview, your potential guest quickly understands what available rooms look like. The detail view allows them to browse more photography, read more detailed descriptions and discover what amenities you offer. Even in detail view, the user has an overview at his fingertips so he can easily jump between views. Then, when your potential guest is ready to make a decision, he can use the comparative view to compare and contrast available options, making your potential guest more confident with his decision. Notice that in all three views, a reserve button is present, allowing a seamless transition from shopping to buying. With all this in mind, the buuteeq solution offers enormous variety for your internet branding. You control images, colors, and backgrounds. You control fonts, modules and interface styles. With buuteeq, your digital marketing materials will be beautiful and compelling while also being your own, unique fingerprint that enhances your brand.

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