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Hotel website templates, if designed correctly, can maximize a hotel’s online conversions by stripping unnecessary weight from the website, leaving only what has proven to work at converting guests. This makes the hotel website template load faster, look sharper, and makes it easier to navigate by guests who consistently look for hotel information in exactly the same place.

buuteeq has invested in eye tracking technology to discover the navigation behavior of guests. Based on this research, we've created Design Concierge, which includes a number of customized hotel website templates, specifically designed and proven to convert more guests than hotel website templates running on heavy, cumbersome blogging software, like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal.

Each of our templates is completely customizable—fonts, colors, textures, logos—and optimized out-of-the-box to perform excellently on search engines. Not only that, but our templates use responsive design to look amazing on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets, and all desktop and laptop screen sizes.

Below are some real hotel examples running on buuteeq’s Cloud DMS hotel website templates. Note that we have many more themes than can be shown here, and that the colors, fonts, images, logos and textures can be customized to fit any hotel’s unique brand. Click on an image to view a larger version.


  • buuteeq-blueprints-tuxedo

The Tuxedo blueprint includes hotel web templates that conform to a strict information architecture that seamlessly melds form and function. These templates are a great balance between persuasive, SEO-friendly text and beautiful property images to give hotels an excellent first impression. Almost any hotel will look good using a Tuxedo blueprint. As they say, everyone looks good in a tuxedo.

  • BlackTie2

Black Tie

  • WhiteTie2

White Tie

  • SlateSuit

Slate Suite

  • BlackSuit

Black Suit

  • LightBlazer

Light Blazer

  • DarkBlazer

Dark Blazer

  • SilverSuit

Silver Suit


  • buuteeq-blueprints-panorama

The Panorama blueprint puts a hotel’s beautiful photography front-and-center. These templates are designed for hotels that have excellent photography, and work under the philosophy that the hotel can sell itself. The homepage has minimal text and user interface in order to promote photos. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find rich, detailed hotel information including room descriptions, photos and rich locations, which should be expected on any quality hotel website template.

  • BlackTiePan

Black Tie

  • WhiteTiePan

White Tie

  • SlateSuitPan

Slate Suit

  • BlackSuitPan

Black Suit

  • LightBlazerPan

Light Blazer

  • DarkBlazerPan

Dark Blazer

  • LightDotsPan

Light Dots

  • DarkDotsPan

Dark Dots


  • bp_touchtile

The TouchTile blueprint highlights content from your articles, rooms, and locations all in one place. A fully responsive tiled experience, TouchTile is a great way to feature the most important aspects of your property. Fill the screen with your content no matter the device and keep up with the modern, on-the-go guest.

  • Porcelain


  • Gem



  • bp_boulevard

Fully responsive content is displayed in "boulevards" on this beautiful blueprint, guiding the guest throughout the story of the property. The boulevard blueprint features content in elegant bands on the homepage and interior pages, allowing guests to scroll through the most important features of your property. Boulevard features a quick reservation widget at the top and the bottom of the page.

  • East


  • West


Using a hotel website template designed to streamline navigation will increase a hotel's occupancy. Interested? Request a demo of our hotel marketing software and one of our team members will get in touch shortly.

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