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Increase Mobile Bookings

More than ever, guests are using mobile devices to plan trips and book rooms. Google reports that by as early as 2013, more people will be booking from mobile devices than from PCs. Today, nearly half of all travel planning starts from a mobile device. It is now imperative that hotels create mobile hotel websites in order to increase occupancy, and it will only become more so.

For detailed statistics and projections about mobile use for travel planning and hotel bookings, download our whitepaper on the issue.

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New Mobile Technology

Before embarking on a hotel mobile website strategy, it’s important to understand mobile technology.

Not all mobile hotel websites are built the same. Standards that were in place in 2008 have been supplanted by today’s modern smartphones, and therefore require new, modern technology.

Instead of purchasing static mobile hotel websites, or mobile hotel pages published on 3rd-party websites, it is best to create a responsive mobile hotel website that dynamically adapts to different screen sizes using HTML5, not Flash. Images need to be optimized for smaller screens and slower connections to ensure that hotel mobile websites load quickly.

Superior mobile hotel websites look stunning on all screen sizes and devices, are optimized for mobile SEO, have an information architecture designed for swipe gestures instead of mouse clicks, and are automatically loaded when the regular website is viewed from a mobile device.

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buuteeq’s mobile hotel websites are crafted using today’s mobile technology, and are updated over time to adapt to new technology trends. Never own an outdated mobile hotel website again.

One-tap Calling & Directions

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Many last-minute bookings are made from mobile devices. buuteeq makes mobile online reservations easy by placing your contact information literally at guest’s fingertips. With a single tap, guests can plot driving directions, access a mobile optimized booking engine, or give your front desk a ring.

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Rooms Showcase

Give your rooms the marketing attention they deserve. buuteeq’s hotel mobile websites showcase your rooms with thumb-ready photo slideshows, room amenities, room overviews, detailed room descriptions and more.

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Mobile Optimized Photos

Speed is incredibly important to us. We’ve made significant investments to reduce the page load of our mobile hotel websites by optimizing hotel photos and website structure, but without harming website impact or photo quality. Our hotel mobile websites achieve impressive page load speeds from the industry’s leading tests.

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Dynamic Promotions

Give your promotions top real estate with our dynamic promotions widget for mobile hotel websites. Guests will see your detailed promotions slide by, complete with photos, descriptions and unique landing pages. They can also thumb through them, right from the homepage.

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Mobile Booking Engine

We’ve re-engineered our booking engine to fit mobile screens. We’ve made it easier to navigate with larger buttons and text, all with the same detailed, high quality photos and property information from your mobile hotel website, providing your guests a seamless shopping experience.

Cloud DMS Technology

Your mobile hotel website is integrated with our Cloud DMS software. Log in, upload photos, draft articles, and craft your hotel’s online marketing presence. With the press of one button, publish your changes to all of your digital marketing channels, including a new, search engine optimized website, Facebook application, booking engine, and of course, mobile hotel website.

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We designed our mobile hotel websites to give guests the best possible mobile trip planning and booking experience. We molded every feature to improve usability and increase mobile bookings, adding to your bottom line.

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